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The Evolution of Montessori Education

A Montessori school offers children an educational experience unlike any other. In a Montessori classroom, the students direct their own learning activities with the gentle guidance of the teacher. This child-centered approach to education has deep roots in Italy, where the Montessori Method was founded in the early 1900s.

About Maria Montessori
In 1870, Maria Montessori had the good fortune to be born into an Italian family that highly valued learning. In fact, at the tender age of 13, Maria was accepted into an all-boys technical institute to begin studying for a career in engineering. Later, she attended medical school. She fueled her thirst for knowledge throughout her lifetime, becoming a physician as well as an educator. During the course of her studies, she became keenly interested in educational theory, during which time she began to closely observe how children learn. This prompted the founding of the first Montessori school.

Early Montessori Schools
The first Montessori school was founded in 1907 in a low-income area of Rome. The Casa dei Bambini provided an innovative learning environment for young children. Although these children initially displayed unruliness, they quickly adapted to a supportive learning environment and became absorbed in their work with puzzles, mathematical materials, and practical life materials. Thanks to her keen observations of these eager young learners, Maria Montessori’s Method is based in part on children’s ability to teach themselves. Within just a few years, news of this innovative educational approach spread throughout Europe and beyond, and Dr. Montessori began to teach new Montessori educators.

Montessori in America
The first Montessori school in the U.S. was opened in 1911 in Scarborough, New York. The rising popularity of this unique approach was thanks in part to endorsements from such notable figures as Thomas Edison. Although the Montessori movement largely died out in the U.S. by 1920, it regained its foothold in the 1960s.

If you feel that your child could benefit from an education that instills creativity, independence, and practical life skills, explore what The Montessori School has to offer. We offer Montessori school enrollment in Dallas throughout the year. You can reach our Allen campus at (972) 908-5055 or our Dallas campus at (469) 685-1732.

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Outdoor Gardening at The Montessori School

Gardening is a great way to encourage your children to enjoy being outside. The Montessori School at Starcreek and in North Dallas have outdoor gardens attached to the science lab that allow our students to grow a variety of Flora and Fauna. Visit our website to learn more about our programs or call our Starcreek location at (972) 727-2800 or our North Dallas location at (972) 985-8844 for more information.

Real World Preparation with a Montessori Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Montessori education at a private elementary school like The Montessori School at StarCreek can offer your child many benefits, both immediately and later in life. Check out this infographic to see how The Montessori Program can give your child the skills he needs to succeed in and beyond elementary school. Please share with your friends and family!

Exploring the Stages of Development in Toddlers

Parents are often astonished to watch their young children grow in the first years of life, because there are so many developmental milestones that take place between the ages of one and three. By knowing the important stages of development for toddlers, parents can nurture their children's growth and encourage more positive development. Here is a look at what you can expect to see in your child before age 3 as he or she grows and begins to explore the world.

12 to 18 months
Children will want to move frequently around the age of one, because they are learning to walk confidently, throw, kick, and squat. You should let your child discover the world by moving through it, but make sure they have plenty of safe space to move around. Between 12 and 18 months of age, children also love to participate in story time, listening to parents read aloud.

18 to 24 months
The 18 to 24 month age range is an exciting time, since this is when toddlers begin to speak in full sentences and understand what different words mean. Running and climbing are physical skills common in this age range, and this may lead to more independence for your child. However, as he or she grows more independent and discovers more skills, there may be a relapse caused by a need for comfort in a time of great change. If your child does seem to relapse in skills, try cuddling or reading a book together so that he or she feels comforted without becoming overly dependent.

24 to 36 months
Around 24 months, children will start to learn empathy and build social relationships. This process should be nurtured by providing opportunities for supervised social interactions where kids can play and learn together. Parents can also lead by example by showing children appropriate emotional reactions to different situations.

With a Montessori education in preschool, toddlers are presented with a number of developmental advantages in a dynamic classroom environment. You can learn more about Montessori programs at The Montessori School by calling us in Allen at (972) 908-5055 or in Dallas at (469) 685-1732.

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