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Insider Pages Review for Montessori School of North Dallas

Love this school! My children are well adjusted to Montessori School Of North Dallas and love coming to school. Which this is a big help to a over protective mom, yes i will admit it. MSND has a wonderful staff that has always helped me with any need I have. My children adjusted very quickly to the school, my thoughts being the caring staff. I can't thank the ladies at the front office enough as well as the wonderful teachers that have a passion for this age group of children.

kimcrawford kimcrawford December 2, 2008

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Insider Pages Review for Montessori School of North Dallas

I would highly recommend MSND to anyone looking for a school for their young child. My daughter is 14 months old and loves going to school everyday. She gets out of the car, waves bye and I know she is going to have a great day. This school has given the peace of mind to go back to work and feel comfortable that my child is in a loving, secure environment. The front office staff is so helpful when answering questions or finding out any information I need regarding my daughter's day/needs. I hope that everyone will go and visit the school to see what a truly wonderful place this is!!

Holly S. Holly S. July 8, 2009

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Check Out a Great Review for the Montessori School of North …

I am thrilled that my child goes to The Montessori School of N. Dallas. We love the school and everything about it. The front office staff is very helpful and enegetic. I love that when I go into the school, the staff members greet me by name. It shows that they care about each and every family and we are not just another "mom and dad" dropping their kids off. The teachers are very nuturing and have a lot of good parenting tips for me when I need them 🙂 I am looking forward to having my younger child go here soon as well. I would highly recommend this school to all families.

Sarah W. Sarah W. April 19, 2010

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Insider Pages Review for Montessori School of North Dallas

I don't know about the other reviews, but this one is real. I have sent both of my children to The Montessori School of North Dallas. I felt very comfortable sending them. The school is safe and well organized. The curriculum is fun (this is preschool after all). I always knew that my children would be handled in a loving manner. I think it is a great preschool and my children loved it. There was NEVER a day that they didn't want to go to school.

Earle E. Earle E. July 15, 2010

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What a great school!!!!!

We have been with this school since January of last year. The school has definately grown a lot this school year. This is the second week of school and we are happy with any changes we have seen. The front office staff has changed, but they are doing great. They always know the answers to our questions and are smiling and happy when we come to pick up from school.
I did talk with the director about changes that would occur this year, priot to the school year. She was very open about why staff members left(had very little turnover in my mind) and offered to set up conferences on my schedule to meet the new teachers (even in the afternoons; not sure what the other mom was complaining about). All it took was my asking for those meetings and she set up them up before the school year even started. She was very cordial to work with and from what I have seen she makes sure that things run smoothly in the classes.

I do agree with others about the music, foreign language, art and science being including the daily schedule as being a definate plus. I also believe that the staff listens to us when we need more communication about what is going on in each of classes.

I talked with the office staff and I think next month we will see more coming home. I always believe in communicating our family needs instead of complaining. The school and its teachers are not mind readers. Every family is so different. We have friends at the school who are just happy that their child is happy and goes to and comes home happy everyday.

As for the new teachers I have met, I have introduced myself to those I don't know and they have been very friendly. I am glad we are still at this school and we plan to stay for a long time for both our children!!

J J August 25, 2010

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Five Stars for The Montessori School

I wanted to share my view points on this new Montessori school. My son started there from day one last year and I've been very happy with his safety, his education, his socialization, his happiness and the teachers' interest in my son. He has blossomed into a little numbers addict and reading at 3yo. I look forward to him switching into the Elementary Program in a couple years and really exploring his learning capabilities with the freedom that Montessori provides.

My son loves the computer lab and I am impressed with the technology available to him during his computer time. He has also really enjoyed the art class this year. His classroom teachers have been die-hard-helpers in the potty training experience, which took a long time, but they are champions in that area!! My son does positive things at home in order to tell his teachers (and impress them) - they are important to him. That's a great sign of respect to the teachers and the entire staff for setting up an environment that makes my son so comfortable and welcome.

This is the 5th Montessori school that my 3 children have attended - and by far its the most Montessori focused facility of them all. Other facilities were run like a simple daycare/preschool or run just like a public school, which is NOT what I wanted. I want my kids in a true Maria Montessori environment. This facility and the staff are something that Maria Montessori would be proud of!

Parent for 9 years Parent for 9 years September 9, 2010

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New review on Cast page

Great school.

Richard Richard May 25, 2011

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Great Review From a Happy Parent at the Montessori School of …

We just moved to the area and my husband started a new job. He got a recommendation for this school from several of his coworkers. I am so glad that we followed their advice. Our child had never been one to separate well from me and now he just waves bye and goes into school with a smile. The front office staff and the director have been wonderful. Ms. Monica went out of her way to make sure that the transition went well. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things my child will accomplish here and hope to be in the school for a long time to come!

mariamlee53 mariamlee53 August 18, 2011

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FIVE stars for the Montessori School at StarCreek! Read the …

We have been with the school for one year and now going on our second. I am very impressed that everyday the front office staff always greets us by name. I have had a few conferences with the director to get to know her as well as to communicate special needs about my child and she has always been very helpful (not sure what the other parents are complaining about...). My child loves to going to school and I am pleased with his academic learning(his teachers are great!) . He moved from the toddler rooms to the primary class and is doing well. We are so glad to be a part of this school!

happymom20110 happymom20110 August 23, 2011

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Great review for Montessori School at StarCreek

My son just started here and I just wanted to share how well he has adjusted to this school. His teachers have been very supportive of his needs and I have always been comfortable with their communication. The "office ladies" and Ms. Monica are always friendly and helpful whenever I call or stop by the school. His academics and social skills are progressing and I am looking forward to conferences this month to learn more!

momoftwo201196 momoftwo201196 October 2, 2011

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The Best School in Dallas

Best school in Dallas My son has been going to Montessori School of North Dallas for two years and loves it. Staff is great and always goes the extra mile.

joe2362 joe2362 December 7, 2011

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The Education is Great at The Montessori School at Starcreek

Front staff and MOST teachers are good, competent, and caring. Education is great, variety of activities is great, building is gorgeous. Despite all this very happy in general with the school.

To assure you’re giving your child access to the best education possible, check out the Montessori School. We offer three convenient locations: Starcreek can be reach at (972) 649-5890, North Dallas at (469) 685-1783, and West Plano at (972) 618-8844.

North Dallas Parent Dallas , TX December 14, 2011

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The Best Montessori School in the DFW

The staff and teachers are great. I'm a true believer in the Montessori way. The Montessori School at Starcreek is definitely the best school in the DFW.

Starcreek Parent Starcreek Parent March 15, 2012

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The facility is amazing. The teachers are amazing.

The facility is amazing. The teachers are amazing. The curriculum is amazing. Our children are receiving the most well-rounded, comprehensive, astounding education I can even imagine. Our 5 yr old is doing carry-over math. (27+36) He's FIVE. Our 7 yr old is doing DIVISION. (SEVEN!!?) When people ask me about Montessori, I say this: They do not limit a child. At all. In any way. Ever. My sons are free to learn and explore everything they are interested in (and some things they're not!) , at their own pace; they are encouraged and enabled at every stage, but allowed to grow and learn as their abiliities, maturity and temperaments allow. We have a teenage daughter that has excelled in publicschool, but even she complains she was never given the opportunities her brothers have at Star Creek. She is old enough to articulate it this way : "In every class, in every subject, I have to wait for the slowest student to understand before we can start the next concept, principle or skillset. It is incredibly frustrating." (okay, she used a little more slang-y word than 'frustrating'.) She envies her 5 yr old brother who can say "hello, thank you, goodbye" and sing songs and count in French, Spanish and even some Hindi. We have to ask him to translate the words for us and he is so proud to 'teach' us his skills. To those who dislike the uniform I will say it is expensive, but it is so much easier and less stressful in the mornings to dress them in uniforms. And for those who dislike having to pack lunches, (as the sole lunch maker in the family) - I totally understand. BUT. I always know what my kids are (or are not) eating, how healthy it is, how fresh it is, how balanced the nutrition. The staff is wonderful - even the cleaning staff know us parents and our boys - she helps direct me after-school to one of 2 gyms on site, or one of several playgrounds, or one of several included specialty rooms (art, science, cooking, gardening, computer lab, etc). If you are looking for true Montessori trained staff, following a true Montessori curriculum, both Star Creek and West Plano Montessori are the real deal. As alumnus of both, our family appreciates and is thankful for both schools, their wonderful staffs, the true Montessori environment and the exceptional care and education our children have received these past several years.

GMom GMom April 23, 2012

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We Love The Director and The Montessori Educational Views

We love the director s Montessori & educational views as well as the guidelines to her staff on disciplining the children. We have a 5yo boy in the elem. class and he is having a hard time focusing on his work. His teacher, then the front office staff and finally the Director have all proceeded with the utmost care and concern for the well being of our son. The procedures and policies which are in place for such a situation are to our standards and great satisfaction. Love and Logic consequences basically. We ve had our children in 3 other Montessori schools over 10 years and we have never experienced such consistent procedures and caring staff. That includes the director of the facility, front office staff, teachers and even the friendly cleaning staff. Thanks Starcreek for a positive environment!

D. D. April 26, 2012

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The School Is Great!

The school is great! We have two children in the school and have had nothing but positive experiences with the school and the teachers and director. The director knows my name every time I come in the building I am greeted with a "good morning" or "hello" and I love the personal attention my family receives from everybody. We came from another Montessori School and this school by far has the most facilities of any other school I know. I love that my children garden, cook, work on a computer (And SmartBoard) and learn Spanish every week. Just last week, both my children were on stage for their music recital and it just made my heart "melt" to see how well my children are growing here at this school. My children are academically progressing more here than at the other Montessori school and I credit the director for hiring the right staff and keeping the staff consistent and happy! The staff seem like a family to me! The combination of the staff and the facilities makes this a top school in the area. I would recommend this school to any family who wants the best for their children!

Montessorimom Montessorimom April 26, 2012

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A Great Review for The Montessori School in Allen

This is a beautiful (large, clean, high-tech) school and the staff is excellent - my son attended the school last summer. I personally think the director is a very nice lady and very serious about running a quality school. I would recommend it.

NateH NateH May 2, 2012

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Staff is Excellent and Quality Montessori School

This is a beautiful (large, clean, high-tech) school and the staff is excellent - my son attended the school last summer. I personally think the director is a very nice lady and very serious about running a quality school. I would recommend it.

Nate H. Nate H. May 8, 2012

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The Director is Truly a Great Person, Passionate and Cares …

The Director is truly a great person who has family friendly partnerships with all the parents. She is a passionate person who makes coming to her schools a great delight!! She has been in the business for many, many years and can give wonderful direction and advice to bring out the best in every child. Ms. Monica has such a friendly open door approach with not only parents but her staff as well. We enjoy the DIrector as she is always focused on the daily operations of her schools with a professional conscientious approach to all!

Google User Google User June 24, 2012

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Thank You For Two Wonderful Years

I’m writing this review, not as a request, but as something informative to any current or prospective parents of TMS. I worked at TMS for 2 years as their music teacher and private piano instructor. Over the last two years I have had the opportunity to bloom and grow as a teacher in ways that I would never have had in any other school. I was given sole responsibility over the curriculum and was free to teach the private lessons in my own style. When my classes were reviewed, I was never chastised as a poor teacher if it wasn’t the perfect class. I was given a ton of positive criticism and many resources to turn to so that I could better myself as an educator. I was also given a support system that I could turn to on happy days as well as bad. I gained a lot of knowledge over these past two years that will continue with me as I complete my masters and start my doctoral work. I would always choose TMS, because, when it comes down to it, it isn’t the hi-tech classrooms or pretty playgrounds that educate your children, it’s the teachers, and TMS has some of the most intelligent and dedicated teachers around. Thank you for a wonderful two years. MG

Melaney Melaney August 15, 2012

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The Front Office Staff & Director Have Been Wonderful

We just moved to the area and my husband started a new job. He got a recommendation for this school from several of his coworkers. I am so glad that we followed their advice. Our child had never been one to separate well from me and now he just waves bye and goes into school with a smile. The front office staff and the director have been wonderful. Ms. Monica went out of her way to make sure that the transition went well. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things my child will accomplish here and hope to be in the school for a long time to come!

Mariam Mariam August 17, 2012

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This Is The School For You” – The Montessori School Review

My child went here from age 2 to 5 if you are looking for some academic activity, discipline and a loving atmosphere for your child this is the school for you they have been in the business for 30 Years and the experience shows! .children were quiet and busy with their work. She joined in the toddler class they do potty training there as well . Ms Linda and ms Nisha were excellent with my daughter .ms Linda is amazing with all the kids in the after school session as well . My daughter moved to the primary class at 3 .Ms Mersedeh, is a great teacher so loving to the children but gets work done my child really progressed academically -started reading by age 4 . Ms Kerry is also a good teacher firm and the kids love her too. The director runs a tight ship and always shares her experience respect others and respect yourself is what she tells the kids. Ms judy the receptionist is so nice and helpful.The only drawback I faced was the lack of email communication everything is paper based in the kids bag. I hope they will remedy that soon! they never ask for anything monetarily other than the monthly fee. The building is a bit old and dark don t let that affect you the atmosphere inside is fun, loving & disciplined and down to earth.

Rekha Ravi Sajit Rekha Ravi Sajit October 8, 2012

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The Montessori School Yelp Review

"Our daughter began at the Montessori School of Star Creek this past August in the E1 (elementary) classroom. We truly couldn't be happier with the school, the faculty, the facility, the other students, I could go on and on. Her teacher Ms Farah is so dedicated to her students and has a wonderful open door policy..."

Read the entire review on Yelp.com!

Mom of Two Mom of Two October 12, 2012

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Outstanding Teachers” – The Montessori School at StarCreek …

This review is for the P4 primary class at the Montessori School at StarCreek and the classroom's outstanding teachers, Ms. Semina and Ms. Katrina.
During the parent/teacher conference held this week, my husband and I received direct, detailed information about our son's work, his progress, and what they expect from him over the next semester. We left with a clear picture of what is happening in the classroom- which is that really great teaching is taking place there. These two women work very well together, they respect their students and they are very kind and caring.
As parents, we appreciated having both teachers in the conference, and input from both, without any hint of who was the "lead" teacher- they both lead and the children really benefit.
We have been to several conferences as our son has had a Montessori education since 20 months and is now 41/2 years old- this was a truly informative meeting.
Thanks to Ms. Katrina and Ms. Semina for their work and dedication!

Marianne L. Marianne L. October 12, 2012

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Absolutely Fantastic” – The Montessori School at StarCreek …

My two children have been at TMS - Star Creek for the last three years. It is an absolutely fantastic school. The teachers, director and front office staff are very, kind, loving and know my children so well. They expect a lot from the children, but the teachers and staff work so hard to help each child reach their potential. My kids love going to school and I am absolutely amazed at all they have learned. My two year old knows all her colors, shapes and most numbers. My four year old is in the early stages of reading. There are dedicated music, art and science teachers and the kids also have computer class almost daily. While there has been some turnover with some of the afternoon assistants (which I think is normal for any childcare facility), my two children have consistently had the same main teachers throughout the school year since they started. Their teachers have been top notch and I am enormously grateful. There is a very heavy emphasis on education and kindergarten readiness, so if you are looking for a more mother's day out kind of program, this might not be the best place for you. The belief in the children and their abilities is super high -- there is no hand holding for the kids or the parents. The school puts the focus on helping the kids become self sufficient and suceeding on their own. I highly recommend Star Creek. You will not be disappointed.

Mom Of Two A. Mom Of Two A. October 21, 2012

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We Are So Happy With The School” – The Montessori School of …

We have our three boys at MSND and have for four years ages 5 and twins 2.5 yrs. We are so happy with the school! The teachers our boys have had are excellent. The curriculum is excellent and our boys thrive with the Montessori philosophy. Ms. Deepa, the Primary teacher, is simply amazing with her patience, and rapport, and organization. She can get our olderest to do all sorts of school work which we cannot at home. He is learning addition and subtraction of double digit numbers as well has how to read. We looked at Primrose which has a newer building, but found it to be loud and not as individualized. Every teacher and staff member knows our entire family and they are SO accommodating! It is a great program and a great price! I would be happy to be a referral. Just ask the school for Tiffany. Check out the student teacher ratio...half other private schools! Our twins when they were under two were in a class with only two other children! I had to type this so quickly!

Tiffany Tiffany January 4, 2013

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We Are Very Happy” – Montessori School of North Dallas …

Our son has been with MSND for 2 years now, he started at MSND Dallas at 3 years of age in Ms. Deepas P2 class. It was his first time in a structured Montessori school and he likes it so much! He is never bored even for one day in school, he is so happy when we see him at the end of the day!

It is the healthy, safe social environment is what we like about the school. The staff is very friendly and take care of the kids well. At this tender age, the focus should be all around development of the child. We have seen amazing transformation in his personality over the last 2 years. We are very happy and would recommend this school to any parent who is looking!

S.L. S.L. May 16, 2013

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Highly Recommend” – The Montessori School Review

My Daughter has been with MSND for the last one year & she has been enjoying each day of the school.She has grown in her math,language skills & also in her everyday life skills.She is having fun in school & adores her teachers (Ms Lisa & Ms Shazia) & all her friends.School is well organized with wonderful staff who has always helped.I would highly recommend this school to all families.

June 5, 2013

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Nothing but Great, Positive Things to Say about StarCreek.

We have had nothing but great experiences for all 3 of our children here. My eldest was incredibly prepared and then some upon entering kindergarten, my middle is still in attendance, and our youngest (2 yrs) just started in Spring.
The environment is excellent, the staff is great, the group is warm and friendly and professional at drop off and pick up. It s exactly what I would expect from a Montessori given that we have chosen to pay for schooling for our Pre-K kids rather than day care.
Most recently, my daughter had to move classes as they condense in Summer. The connection with her initial teacher was ok, the connection with her new one was not. I reached out and expressed my concerns and the director called me back immediately. We had a great discussion about what we were looking for out of the school and what they were able to provide given they have many classes and teachers. In the end, my daughter was changed and now beams when she walks in rather than shedding tears.
Nothing but great, positive things to say about Star Creek.

matthewb matthewb July 8, 2013

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We are very happy with the school, teachers and the entire …

This is our 2nd year at The Montessori School at Star Creek. Our son started last August and initially cried every morning and our morning drop offs were stressful for our entire family. When we returned from the Christmas holiday I spent time with his teachers Ms Ameena and Ms Cindy plus the co-director Caitlyn on supporting him and getting him over the seperation hurdle. Within a few weeks Davis was jumping out of the car each morning and hardly would look back to tell me goodbye. What made this transition (easier) was the support we received from the staff and the super awesome carpool/drop off line. We are very happy with the school, teachers and the entire staff. Our son will stay at Star Creek at least through kindergarten.

Stephanie Duke Stephanie Duke August 18, 2013

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We are so fortunate to have found StarCreek for our boys. …

Our family was first introduced to The Montessori School at StarCreek about 3 years ago when we started our oldest son in the toddler program. He is now 3 ½ years old and has transitioned into the Primary program with ease. Our youngest son has just started the toddler program and we could not be more pleased. Both of our boys love going to school. Our eldest has grown in his independent and confident personality since starting at StarCreek. The staff is exceptional. All of the teachers go out of their way to make our family and boys feel welcomed, loved and excited to be at school. The director has been very involved in our family needs and I feel she always has the best interest for both of our boys in mind. I have always felt that I could communicate with her and any of the staff with my concerns and know they would be addressed immediately. I love that every week the teachers take the time to call me personally and let me know how my children are doing academically ( and I get the chance to ask them questions as well!). We have had other experiences in the area with programs and StarCreek by far exceeds them all. This school is not about any fancy gimmicks, just caring knowledgeable staff members and solid academics. I would recommend a visit to the school to form your own opinions as I am pleased that I did not let the other opinions here influence my thoughts and my mother s intuition as to what was best for my children. Nobody know what is best for your child other than YOU!! We are so fortunate to have found StarCreek for our boys. Excellent School!

Shelby Shelby August 18, 2013

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Our family would highly recommend StarCreek and continues to …

As a current family with 2 children at StarCreek, I feel an unfair opinion may have been expressed regarding the staff and care of children. We have a child in both a toddler and primary class; my husband, the grandparents and myself stop by randomly even after 2 years of care and have never experienced any teacher speaking inappropriately to the children. I have often felt that teachers exhibit a great deal of patience and regard for their well being regardless of age. As for academics, our family firmly believes that Star Creek does an exceptional job in laying a strong foundation with proven results. My 4 year old is excelling in Math based on the advanced work that StarCreek has implemented in their classes. Our children will thrive for years to come and after many observations and discussions we are strongly considering remaining at StarCreek until our children are no longer in elementary.

Regarding the director and front office staff, we have found Mrs. Cook's “open door” policy to be consistent and exceptional. Our neighbors and other family members involved with Star Creek feel the same. It makes me sad to think that someone has a bad day and relates an opinion based on one experience. Many of the teachers employed with StarCreek have been there since we started 2 years ago. A few may have left based on family circumstances and needs but for we have had the same teachers for both our children for 2 consecutive years. Our family would highly recommend StarCreek and continues to support their growing community.

lori martin lori martin August 19, 2013

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We Are Very Happy with the School

"This is our 2nd year at The Montessori School at Star Creek. Our son started last August and initially cried every morning and our morning drop offs were stressful for our entire family. When we returned from the Christmas holiday I spent time with his teachers Ms Ameena and Ms Cindy plus the co-director Caitlyn on supporting him and getting him over the seperation hurdle. Within a few weeks Davis was jumping out of the car each morning and hardly would look back to tell me goodbye. What made this transition (easier) was the support we received from the staff and the super awesome carpool/drop off line. We are very happy with the school, teachers and the entire staff. Our son will stay at Star Creek at least through kindergarten."

Stephanie Duke Stephanie Duke September 15, 2013

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Starcreek was the Right Place for Our Two Boys

"Choosing a daycare and/or preschool provider is a tough decision. After visiting 10 sites. our last stop was Montessori School at Starcreek. It was a clear decision that Starcreek was the right place for our two boys. They love the teachers at Starcreek, and I am amazed at what they learn every day. The diversity of activities and school regimen is exactly what two children with a lot of energy need, and Starcreek provides the structure that gives them healthy discipline as well. It is the cleanest facility I have ever seen as well. Starcreek has top notch amenities from the music room, gyms, computer lab, library, playground, and the aquarium is a fun plus. Definitely a big thumbs up from this mom and dad!"

Jennifer Jennifer October 6, 2013

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Monthly Tuition is Money Well-Spent

We enrolled our son in the Montessori School when he was three years old. He just turned six. Our experience at the Montessori School has exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased that we opted to keep him here for his kindergarten year. The school itself is beautiful--clean and modern. It looks more like an elementary school. As an educator and parent, I appreciate that it has a library, science lab, art studio, and music room. The director and front desk staff are helpful, receptive, friendly, and willing to go out of their way to accommodate students and parents. Our son began in a primary classroom with 3, 4, and 5 year old students. His two teachers were firm yet loving. My husband and I were often impressed and surprised by both his learning and his new love of learning. In his current elementary classroom, he is grouped with 6, 7, and 8 year old students. His teachers, Ms. Farah and Ms. Farheen, differentiate the curriculum for each student, tailoring it to our son s strengths, interests, and areas where growth is needed. By September, our son was eagerly practicing reading and writing. Being around the older students, he is also eager to learn their curriculum and often speaks about learning multiplication and division--he thinks he is ready now! He loves his school and teachers, and we are certain our monthly tuition is money well-spent.

Michelle Michelle October 22, 2013

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A Fantastic Experience

"We enrolled our son Luke into school and although it was only for a few months it was a fantastic experience. If only I could bring that school with us to New Hampshire 🙂 Luke loved the teachers and the aides......We loved associating with Miss Heidy (or Heidi) and Miss Carmen as they were so nice and so helpful. When we got here to NH it was obvious that Luke was missing the Montessori school experience and although he's doing well if we had not moved he would for sure still be there. The toddler program was a great experience for him and if we are ever to return to Dallas our kids and any future kids would be enrolling here for sure."

David Y. David Y. December 18, 2013

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I am truly grateful to have found this school and I highly …

My oldest son was the very first student at this school (we literally toured in hard hats) and we had a wonderful experience! He attended primary and lower elementary classes & has mainstreamed beautifully into our local school district. It's been a few years since he left, so I decided to shop around before putting my younger son in preschool. While looking at the other top preschools in the area, I found most of them to have had a lot of turnover since I looked with my first child. Many were unclean (one smelled of mildew & most had dirty carpets; etc.) Many had new managers, unfriendly or unprofessional staff and almost all of them had a lot of children crying. I was pretty discouraged. I saved TMS for last because I knew how much I liked it when my first child attended. I was hoping it hadn't gone downhill like the others. When I walked in, the same front desk worker from 5 years before greeted me! The same Director is there, and many of the same teachers from years before were still there. (This speaks volumes about the way the school is being managed, imho) The building is light, bright & CLEAN. There were no children crying. This is something I notice when visiting this particular school-- it's always quiet. The kids are happy there. When I enrolled my second child, I found out his teacher didn't just have her Montessori certification, she also had a Bachelor's Degree from UNT (my Alma mater-- Go Mean Green!) and she had been at the school for 6 years. This blew me away! Who else is hiring preschool teachers that are this educated and keeping them on staff for 6+ years?? I also have to say, all the teachers and classroom assistants my boys have had at this school have been wonderful. My younger son is flourishing there, just as my older son did! The Montessori method fosters a life-long love of learning and it's been so much fun to see my younger son just as excited about going to school as my older son was. I am truly grateful to have found this school and I highly recommend it!

Leanne Rainey Leanne Rainey October 21, 2014

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No Regrets!!!

My girls started The Montessori School at Starcreek in the primary class in 2010. They are now in lower and upper elementary and we could not be happier with our decision. We were looking for a school that included kindergarten and all of the schools that we toured had a daycare feel. When we toured TMS we were so impressed because it actually looked like a school AND it went up to 6th grade. We enrolled them for the upcoming school year and never regretted our decision. They've had fabulous teachers who truly care about them and push them to succeed. The director, office staff and teachers know them by name and greet them and say goodbye everyday. Their academic performance is beyond anything we could've hoped for. They work at their ability, not at what some generic chart says, and they don't move on from a topic until they've mastered it. This approach fosters a love of learning and encourages them to be inquisitive self learners. Both of my girls are reading and completing math above their grade level and it's because of their teachers and the Montessori philosophy.

We've watched the school grow over the last 5 years and we've seen people come and go. Having been a public school teacher for six years turn over is expected especially with a young staff. Women decide to continue their education, get married, have children, relocate, life happens and people leave but someone just as wonderful fills their position.

We have been very pleased with how our daughters are excelling and flourishing academically and socially at TMS. We wish the school went beyond 6th grade because keeping them there would be a no brainier.

Melissa Payne Parker , TX March 15, 2015

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“We are extremely pleased with the entire staff!” – The …

Our daughter Zoe has been attending The Montessori School at Star Creek (TMS) for over 2 years. She started in Pre-K and now is in Elementary grade. We moved her to TMS after just a couple of months in a different Montessori school. The difference between the level of education and learning opportunities is enormous and clearly noticeable. We are extremely pleased with the entire staff and above all her teacher for the first 22 months Ms. Kanwal. She has helped Zoe build a solid foundation, learn how to interact with kids of different age groups, excel in her work at school at a very very young age. We believe that this is achieved by providing each child with individual attention and tailoring the teaching to fit their level and needs. We cannot be more pleased with the entire experience and the level of attention each individual child gets at this school.

We are also very pleased with teaching methods of Montessori system and all the extra-curricular activities kids are involved in at TMS. There are tremendous learning opportunities and we are certain that our daughter will continue to learn more, grow, and benefit from this institution in the years to come.

Eliza K. Allen , TX June 23, 2017

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