Upper Elementary

Inside The Montessori School

The Montessori School’s Upper Elementary Program is structured for children ages 9-12, covering the traditional grades of fourth through sixth. This class emphasizes the use of Montessori materials over the use of textbooks. However, it is in this classroom that children receive their first introduction to textbooks. After children have a firm understanding of a concept—in any academic area—textbook work is introduced as an additional aid.

  • Reading
  • Language Arts and Grammar
  • Mathematics & Geometry
  • Social Studies, History as well as Geography
  • Foreign Language
  • Geometry
  • Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
  • Music & Art: Musical instruments are introduced such as the recorder or piano.


Reading is not a “subject” in the Upper Elementary Class. Reading is what reading is, a tool with which we can learn, discover and celebrate the world and ourselves. Reading is completely integrated into the classroom curriculum at this level.

For more information about The Montessori School’s Upper Elementary Programs, visit our website.

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