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Our “Casa de Bambini” program, designed for children 12-20 months, is based on the observation that while children may be small in stature, they have enormous mental ability and are eager to tap into it.

The Montessori School’s Infant Program stresses the importance of freedom of movement—the infants are free to move and stretch without restriction. Movement helps the infants become more aware of their bodies, and they are able to develop coordination and dexterity without inhibition.

You will notice that our infant classroom contains no “play pens”. We take great care in creating a “whole room play area” which enables the infant to explore a number of materials, textures, and objects for tactile and visual stimulation. Language development is also an integral part of the Casa De Bambini program. A teacher’s role is to consciously introduce language through the use of words, inflection, tone and body language.

We understand that many of the strongest, deepest and lasting impressions a child has are formed early on in their development. We are committed to making your child’s first experience one that is characterized by warmth, love, and care.

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