Is Being a Montessori Parent Right for You?

If you’re considering enrolling your child in Montessori school , then aside from questions about what he or she will be learning, you might also be wondering if being a parent of a child in Montessori education is right for you. Montessori is a family commitment, and it’s important to make sure it fits into your vision for your child’s education and your home. Are you ready to be a Montessori parent? Here are some signs that Montessori school could be a good fit for your family.

You prefer hands-on education to memorization.

In Montessori, kids set their own pace and learn things that interest them. Although they do have benchmarks to meet and they learn lessons within parameters, they are free to explore the classroom and engage with lessons in a hands-on way. For parents who are more accustomed to traditional classrooms, this transition can be confusing. Parents who choose Montessori for their children tend to prefer real-life learning situations that are guided by their kids to the rote memorization that comes with traditional education.

You don’t rely on traditional grading.

In Montessori, children have work portfolios and receive progress reports that describe students’ progress in a narrative way instead of assigning letter and number grades. For some parents, having grades is an important way of evaluating the progress and success of their students. Parents who prefer a bigger picture look at how their children are advancing in the classroom appreciate the Montessori approach to grading.

You are willing to leave yearlong grade cycles behind.

In Montessori, children stay in the same classroom for three years at a time. The classrooms are multi-age, so students get to learn from each other and work together cooperatively. Because students in traditional classrooms move to a new grade every year, it’s important for parents to be comfortable without seeing the yearly, formal progression to a new level.

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