• Inside The Nest in Our Early Infant Program

    If you’re looking for a safe and inspiring place for your baby to grow, choose The Nest at the Montessori School. Our early infant program is run at our StarCreek campus and welcomes children ranging from six weeks to 12 months in age. Within our classrooms, we can tailor a schedule of changings, feedings, and naps according to your child’s needs, so you can feel confident that your baby is being cared for as you would at home.

    Our early infant program incorporates offers a wide range of activities to keep your baby happy, including manipulatives, finger plays, movement, songs, language and sound development, and plenty of opportunities for interactions with other babies. We keep careful records of each baby’s activities each day, so parents can share in the growth and development that their babies experience when they are away.

    The early infant program is available five days per week at The Montessori School’s StarCreek campus. To reach our StarCreek/Allen location for more information, call (972) 908-5055. For our North Dallas campus, call (469) 685-1732.

  • Creating Inspiring Learning Spaces at Home

    It’s easier than you may think to continue your child’s education at home by making your space Montessori-friendly. In this video, learn some techniques that are used in Montessori schools that you can copy at home to reinforce what your child is learning in the classroom.

    Start by ensuring that you have child-sized furniture, including chairs, tables, and shelves. Clear away clutter and stock the shelves with a few activities your child can do. Make it easy for your child to be independent by providing access to child-sized cleaning tools, dishes, and other items they may need during the day.

    The Montessori School offers early infant programs up to elementary school programs in a supportive Montessori environment. Call (469) 685-1732 to request a tour of our elementary school in North Dallas, or dial (972) 908-5055 for a campus tour in Allen.

  • Is Being a Montessori Parent Right for You?

    If you’re considering enrolling your child in Montessori school , then aside from questions about what he or she will be learning, you might also be wondering if being a parent of a child in Montessori education is right for you. Montessori is a family commitment, and it’s important to make sure it fits into your vision for your child’s education and your home. Are you ready to be a Montessori parent? Here are some signs that Montessori school could be a good fit for your family.

    You prefer hands-on education to memorization.

    In Montessori, kids set their own pace and learn things that interest them. Although they do have benchmarks to meet and they learn lessons within parameters, they are free to explore the classroom and engage with lessons in a hands-on way. For parents who are more accustomed to traditional classrooms, this transition can be confusing. Parents who choose Montessori for their children tend to prefer real-life learning situations that are guided by their kids to the rote memorization that comes with traditional education.

    You don’t rely on traditional grading.

    In Montessori, children have work portfolios and receive progress reports that describe students’ progress in a narrative way instead of assigning letter and number grades. For some parents, having grades is an important way of evaluating the progress and success of their students. Parents who prefer a bigger picture look at how their children are advancing in the classroom appreciate the Montessori approach to grading.

    You are willing to leave yearlong grade cycles behind.

    In Montessori, children stay in the same classroom for three years at a time. The classrooms are multi-age, so students get to learn from each other and work together cooperatively. Because students in traditional classrooms move to a new grade every year, it’s important for parents to be comfortable without seeing the yearly, formal progression to a new level.

    The Montessori School is available to answer all of your questions about Montessori education , so you can make the right choice for your child. Call our Montessori school in North Dallas at (469) 685-1732 or in Allen at (972) 908-5055 to speak to one of our team members.

  • A Closer Look at the Montessori 3-Period Lesson

    In Montessori schools , teachers build their classrooms around three-period lessons. The idea behind this approach to teaching is that each child thoroughly learns a concept through three distinct periods of instruction. By the end of the third period, students should have achieved mastery of the material. Here is a look at the three periods and what they mean to the overall Montessori education process.


    Period one is the introduction period. During this part of the lesson, teachers introduce a new term or concept to students. The topics introduced during this time are referred to in Montessori schools as nomenclature. For example, an image and a label with the name of the image would be considered to be nomenclatures that are introduced during the first period of the lesson. The time spent on introduction varies, but it will not be rushed, allowing each student to develop a basic understanding.


    Period two is a more in-depth introduction to the topic. Students are not asked to master any of the material in the lesson but rather practice with it so that they become comfortable with their knowledge. During this second period of learning, students should handle any materials associated with the lesson to facilitate the learning process. As with the first period, this second period can last for as long as necessary for students to achieve the goals the teacher has.


    This final stage of learning occurs when students have mastery of the topic. During this period, students should be able to provide information that they have learned in the other periods without prompting from the teacher. Teachers will not move students to this period until they are sure that the students are ready to succeed.

    Do you have questions about what happens in the Montessori classroom ? Schedule a visit to the Montessori School to tour our campuses and find out more about this style of education. Arrange a school visit by calling our school in North Dallas at (469) 685-1732 or our campus in Allen at (972) 908-5055.