Understanding Upper Elementary Level Montessori Education

The Upper Elementary program at Montessori schools welcomes students ages nine through 12. In a traditional school, this would be grades four through six. If your student is preparing to enter the Upper Elementary school , he or she will be pleased to learn that the same cornerstone principles of Maria Montessori’s Method used during the earlier years will carry over to this more advanced program.


The pedagogical methods used in the Upper Elementary school embrace the concepts of sequential learning, including the natural transition from hands-on learning activities to abstract concepts. Students continue to use Montessori learning materials. However, once they gain mastery of a concept, students can begin to use textbooks to supplement the learning process. Upper Elementary students continue to work individually in uninterrupted blocks of time, as well as in small groups.


Montessori education embraces a comprehensive approach to curricula. By the time a student enters the Upper Elementary school, he or she is a fluent reader who uses books as tools to open the doors to new worlds. Reading isn’t considered a separate subject at this point. Distinct subject areas in the curriculum include:

  • Language arts and grammar
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Social studies/history
  • Geography
  • Foreign language
  • Science, including nature studies like botany and zoology


Montessori schools pride themselves on offering a complete enrichment curriculum for students. Enrichment programs nurture the soul as well as stimulate the brain, and allow students to express themselves creatively. Some examples of enrichment programs include:

  • Outdoor gardening
  • Computer instruction
  • Musical education
  • Fine arts

Personal Development

Montessori education is unique in that it supports the healthy development of the whole child. It is tailored to support children at every stage of their natural development. From ages nine through 12, Montessori students are learning how to take bigger steps toward independence. They’re learning how to self-regulate their behaviors and emotions, how to grow close relationships with their peers, and how to think in abstract ways. The Montessori classroom supports the students’ development by allowing freedom of choice and movement within a well-structured classroom.

The Montessori School welcomes inquiries from parents who are interested in learning more about our dynamic school community. We accept students from six weeks of age through sixth grade. Questions about Montessori school enrollment can be directed to our office in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 or in Allen at (972) 727-2800.

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