Why Multi-Age Classrooms Are Part of Montessori Education

A core component of Montessori education is the multi-age classroom. Unlike traditional classrooms, in which children are grouped by grade level, Montessori schools put children together in three-year age blocks. Working in these multi-age classrooms gives students advantages over simply being with children of the same age throughout their educational careers. Here are some of the benefits of multi-age classrooms in Montessori schools.

Observation is part of learning.

Younger children can learn a great deal from being grouped with older children, simply by observing them. Observation plays a key role in both learning and emotional development. Watching older children perform learning tasks as well as seeing their behavior, including how they interact with each other, can be critical for development. Mimicking the behavior of older students can help younger ones build maturity faster than they would otherwise.

Collaborative learning builds confidence.

Montessori education stresses self-paced learning, and within multi-age classrooms, this encourages collaborative learning experiences. Older children often guide younger children through activities, and younger children get to express their opinions as equals. For older students, being able to share their knowledge with younger students helps to increase their confidence in their skills and abilities. For younger students, this experience helps them get used to interacting with different groups of people and teaches them that it is OK to reach outside of their usual groups or comfort zone.

Curriculum is multi-dimensional.

Within multi-age classrooms, students learn about the same topics, but they study them in different depths. Students get to see how knowledge builds when they see other students who are older them diving deeper into the topics that they are studying. Students are more likely to see their lessons as dynamic and get excited about learning when they can see how their knowledge will expand.

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