Answering Parents’ Most Frequent Questions About Montessori

Montessori schools follow the educational approach established by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori’s Method was based on her careful observations of how children use the world around them to learn. This is a time-tested method, which was first founded in 1907 and has been used around the world ever since. Parents are encouraged to visit the school, ask lots of questions, and do some background reading from credible sources to find out more about this unique educational journey.

Why doesn’t the teacher lecture to the whole class?

Montessori education is child-centered. During your tour, you’ll see that the classrooms are gracefully arranged into different work areas. Students choose an appropriate learning activity to work on by themselves or in a small group. The teacher carefully observes each student, stepping in to help when needed, and stepping back to allow the student to work through the problem-solving process. Instead of lecturing, the teacher periodically gathers together small groups to present a new lesson. This allows the teacher to tailor the lessons to each student’s pace and style of learning.

What about school grades?

Most Montessori schools do not grade student assignments. Instead, parents meet regularly with the teacher to discuss their child’s progress. The child also has the opportunity to present a portfolio of work, and perhaps to give a self-assessment.

Why are Montessori classrooms so large?

It’s a commonly held belief that the smaller a classroom is, the better. In fact, Maria Montessori’s Method emphasizes the value of having children learn to work efficiently as part of a larger community. They can learn from the experiences and perceptions of many of their peers, and they can learn to cooperate harmoniously with children of many different personalities. Since a Montessori classroom brings together students of a three-year age range, it is more closely representative of a real world community than a conventional classroom is.

You can bring any other questions you have to your tour at The Montessori School. Our staff loves to introduce parents to Montessori concepts, as we firmly believe it’s a supportive, nurturing way to help children reach their full potential. Call our Montessori school in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 or in Allen at (972) 727-2800.

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