Tips for Building Confidence in Your Kids

True education isn’t about memorizing dates, numbers, and facts. It’s about learning how to think critically and independently, embracing the pursuit of knowledge, and daring to ask difficult questions. But it takes self-confidence for young learners to work toward these lofty goals. Teachers at Montessori schools and parents can work together to provide students with the support and resources they need to become self-confident and productive members of society.

Teach your child to have compassion for others.

Compassion for other people is central to healthy self-confidence. When a person is genuinely kind to others, he or she is more likely to be kind to him- or herself. Help your child learn about empathy by discussing what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes. Talk about how someone’s actions, whether positive or negative, made another person feel. Demonstrate compassion by taking your child to volunteer opportunities. Your child will begin to understand that in helping and respecting others, he or she can respect him- or herself.

Embrace your child’s interests and self-identity.

It’s only natural for parents to want their kids to have more opportunities in life than the parents did. But sometimes, parents need to remind themselves that their children won’t necessarily be interested in the same things that they were when they were young. Give your child the freedom to pursue his or her own interests and talents. Your child’s differences are what make him or her special, and encouraging your child to develop a unique self-identity will instill self-confidence . This concept is part of Dr. Maria Montessori’s Method. She encouraged parents to embrace their children as independent people, rather than to perceive them as dependent extensions of the parents.

Give your child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Call The Montessori School in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 or in Allen at (972) 727-2800. From our Early Infant Program to our private elementary school, we provide a loving, supportive setting in which children grow into self-confident learners .

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