Inside the Nest: Our Early Infant Program

The Montessori School welcomes children from six weeks through 12 months to attend our Early Infant Program, “The Nest.” It’s available at our StarCreek campus. Five days per week, our compassionate educators watch over the children as they grow. Within this positive, comfortable classroom environment at our Montessori school, your child will interact with his or her peers, enjoy the freedom of movement, and grow to trust the loving caregivers.

Our caring educators constantly communicate with the children through talking, singing, signing, and of course, reading. When your child isn’t napping, he or she will love to explore our musical instruments, books, and sensory manipulatives. Our daily classroom activities include fun finger plays and activities intended to stimulate language development. The Montessori approach to childhood development recognizes that every little one has unique needs. We adjust each child’s feeding, napping, and diaper-changing schedule to suit that child’s needs.

New and expecting parents can begin the Early Infant Program enrollment process at The Montessori School. You can reach our staff in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 or in Allen at (972) 727-2800.

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