Music Education and Montessori

Music education is a central part of every day at The Montessori School. Through music, our students get to explore their creativity, build self-confidence, and develop their coordination and rhythm skills. Like all of the classrooms at our Montessori school, our music room is filled with age and size-appropriate instruments and other materials to give students everything they need to explore their interests.

Our specially designed music room is part of the day-to-day curriculum at our school. Students are able to listen to and appreciate music as well as compose and perform their own songs. To build confidence, our Montessori students take part in several performances throughout the year. Bells and tone bars designed specifically for Montessori classrooms are used to help children learn about tonal relationships and harmony.

The Montessori School offers extensive enrichment education opportunities as part of our Montessori curriculum. We’re here to answer your questions about enrolling your child in our Montessori school. For more information about our Montessori location in North Dallas, call (469) 685-1732, or call our campus in Allen at (972) 908-5055.

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