Understanding How Teachers Train for Montessori Classrooms

For many parents who are interested in enrolling their child in a Montessori school , questions about what training the classroom teachers receive are common. Keep reading for an introduction to how teachers train to prepare for the Montessori classroom.

Post-Secondary Education

The training requirements for a Montessori educator can vary widely and depend on the individual school. Many Montessori teachers have a college degree in education or another field, as well as Montessori teacher training. Montessori is not a trademarked system, so there are a variety of Montessori certification programs available, and some of these training institutes require that applicants hold at least a bachelor’s degree to enroll. Also, there are different certification areas in which a Montessori educator may choose to place their focus, such as infant and toddler, early childhood, and elementary levels. Also, some training institutes categorize their training levels into age groups, for example, infancy to age 3 or age 3 to age 6.

Montessori Certification Training

While completing their training, future Montessori teachers may study a wide variety of topics that can help prepare them to succeed as educators in a Montessori school. Someone who seeks certification at the infant and toddler level may study topics such as language development, nutrition, and human physiology. Individuals may learn how to assist children in their learning and development and complete practice teaching while preparing to become a Montessori educator at the early childhood level. While pursuing Montessori certification for the elementary level, future teachers may study areas such as education, teaching, and psychology from the Montessori perspective. During their training, all future Montessori educators may complete an in-depth study of the Montessori method, learn in a classroom setting, and participate in hands-on training.

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