Take a Look at Our Learning Kitchen

At The Montessori School, we provide students with a stimulating environment and an individualized learning atmosphere. In this way, we create a place where children enjoy learning and are mentally engaged. Each of the learning environments that we cultivate for our students is carefully planned and designed to foster foundational skills, and one example of this is our learning kitchen.

The Montessori School’s learning kitchen is a specially-designed space where children benefit from hands-on learning. Building on the knowledge that they obtain in our school’s garden, children practice cooking activities that can help them develop a variety of skills, as well as adventurous and nutritious eating habits.

Education at The Montessori School is designed to help students develop abilities that can support a lifetime of learning. Are you interested in enrolling your child at The Montessori School in North Dallas? If so, then please call (469) 685-1732. Or, to reach our Allen campus, call (972) 727-2800.

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