How Montessori Fosters Moral Development

One of the focuses of Montessori education is instilling morals in students. Read on for insight into how attending a Montessori school can help foster the moral development of your child.

Presence of Role Models

One way in which children in a Montessori classroom develop their morals is being led by example. Montessori school teachers act as guides for students and a link to Montessori principles, and by demonstrating moral values like honesty, kindness, and integrity, these individuals also function as positive role models for Montessori students.

Absence of Rewards

In a traditional classroom, punishments and rewards are used to help manage the behavior of students. A Montessori school, on the other hand, excludes the use of punishments and rewards. There are several reasons why Montessori education takes this approach, and one of them is to help foster the moral development of students. Because the use of punishments and rewards may contribute to unhealthy competition among children that leads to poor moral judgement, they are not used in Montessori classrooms.

Focus on Empathy

In a Montessori classroom, social problems that crop up between children are handled in a manner that may differ from ones used in traditional educational settings. Montessori teachers strive to help students develop their sense of empathy. Instead of telling kids that they should or shouldn’t do something, teachers work with children to help them learn how to imagine themselves in another’s position and consider how others might feel in different situations.

Rules of the Classroom

Finally, another way in which Montessori education supports the moral development of students is by upholding a set of simple classroom rules. By encouraging children to respect one another, their teachers, and their learning environment, Montessori education can prepare children to thrive in society.

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