Understanding the Montessori Mixed-Age Classroom

One of the cornerstones of a Montessori school is the mixed-age environment. For example, students aged three to six years learn together within a primary classroom, and students aged six to nine years go to a lower elementary classroom. When you watch this featured interview with a Montessori educator, you’ll understand the value of a mixed-age environment.

She explains that younger students observe the older students working on various tasks. This lets them form positive memories of the work, and to look forward to progressing to that level. The older students have the opportunity to guide their younger classmates, which cultivates empathy and patience. In short, the mixed-age classroom in Montessori schools allows a true spirit of community to flourish.

The Montessori School closely follows Maria Montessori’s Method, including the carefully planned environment of mixed-age classrooms . For questions about enrollment in our Montessori school in North Dallas, call (972) 985-8844, or call our location in Allen at (972) 727-2800.

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