Spotlight on Lower and Upper Elementary in Montessori

Students at a Montessori school attend a lower elementary classroom for ages six through nine. The upper elementary program is designed for students ages nine through 12. All students attending the elementary school are introduced to an enriching, challenging curriculum, which the students work through at their own individual pace. The Montessori approach emphasizes hands-on learning, and enables students to develop their own capacity to be independent, creative thinkers. Montessori materials are the preferred learning tools, although textbooks are introduced to upper elementary students.

All of the core subject areas are covered within a Montessori elementary school, including mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science, which includes nature studies. Students are introduced to foreign languages, and they develop a greater appreciation for the different cultures in the world around them. They also have the benefit of enrichment programs, including music, art, and movement activities.

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