Exploring the Social Benefits of a Montessori Classroom

The social skills learned by children at Montessori schools build a strong foundation for their future. They learn to respect others and themselves, and they learn that cooperation and collaboration lead to achievement and personal satisfaction. For proof of the unique social benefits offered by a Montessori education , all parents need to do is observe a classroom at work. They’ll see students of multiple ages helping each other, and letting their fellow students concentrate on their work without interruption.

Building a Positive, Supportive Community

Unlike most classrooms, Montessori classrooms welcome children of various ages, within a certain range. This more closely mimics real-world communities, and allows children to interact with peers who are a little younger, the same age, and a little older than they are. Montessori schools do have a few requirements. All students within the classroom community (and the educator) are expected to treat every other person with respect and courtesy. Students learn how to avoid conflicts whenever possible and resolve conflicts peaceably when necessary. They are also expected to contribute to the community, such as by keeping it orderly. By putting learning materials back where they belong, students help maintain a distraction-free environment, and they enable their peers to learn from those materials.

Growing in Self-Confidence

It may seem counterintuitive, but an important part of building social skills is growing in self-esteem and self-confidence. Only when an individual feels secure within his or her self-identity, can that individual work peacefully with others without “baggage,” like fear of ridicule or self-consciousness. The Montessori approach cultivates self-confidence by letting students direct their own education . Students make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and realize that they have the ability to correct themselves. It’s the process of learning that is emphasized, not the end result. And because students are encouraged to figure things out for themselves, they can feel confident with their own abilities and self-identity.

Montessori classrooms are unique learning communities that welcome students from all backgrounds. Parents can inquire about enrollment in The Montessori School in Allen by calling (972) 727-2800. Or, get in touch with our North Dallas campus at (972) 985-8844.

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