How Your Toddler Can Benefit from a Montessori Education

The Montessori School is a wonderful space for children from six weeks to 6 th grade to learn about self-discipline and cooperative play. These skills will benefit your toddler in the toddler program and Montessori preschool plan, so that he might grow into a well-rounded child and young adult. Here is a better look at how your toddler can benefit with Montessori:

Learn Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an important skill that everyone should learn, because it helps people concentrate, achieve their goals, and control their responses to outside stimuli. Your toddler is at a prime age to learn self-discipline, because he may be experiencing the common “terrible twos.” This stage of youth is often accompanied by frustration on the child’s part to communicate his wants and needs. However, by learning self-discipline through a Montessori preschool plan, he can regulate his emotions and learn better how to communicate.

Improve Motor Skills

Ever since birth, your child has been working on his fine and gross motor skills. As he grows into a toddler, these motor skills should become more defined and improved. Montessori education is focused on hands-on learning to help your toddler better develop his fine and gross motor skills. He will touch different objects that also teach him the basics in math, language, art, and everyday activities like cooking.

Learn Cooperative Play

Montessori schools focus on individual learning, so that your child will develop self-discipline. However, the toddler program is also heavily focused on cooperative play. Your toddler will learn how to share the different activities present in the classroom, and he will learn the value of respect for his peers and elders. Each learning station will help him grow as an individual while also encouraging cooperative play.

Give your toddler the gift of a Montessori education by calling The Montessori School in Dallas, Texas at (972) 985-8844. You can also call our Allen campus at (972) 727-2800 for more information on the benefits of the Montessori Approach.

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