Answering Common Questions About Montessori Classrooms

Parents often have many questions when it comes to The Montessori School because it implements such a unique way of educating children . These questions might revolve around common myths of Montessori education, such as children not socializing or children being allowed to do whatever they want in the classroom. Let’s look at the most common questions, and their answers, that parents have about Montessori classrooms.

Are children allowed to do anything they want while in class?

People outside of The Montessori School believe that children can do whatever they want during school. However, Montessori children are taught to manage their own behaviors to achieve their goals. They are allowed to work at their own pace or learn in different methods better suited for themselves, but they are still required to complete their tasks, and there is always an instructor watching over the classroom to track each student’s progress.

Are children encouraged to socialize while in the classroom?

Achieving independence and learning individually are some of the main goals in Montessori classrooms, but children are always encouraged to socialize and learn from one another. For example, Montessori children practice an educational segment called “grace and courtesy” to encourage learning manners, speaking with their peers, and following directions.

Are children taught from mainstream educational conventions?

Mainstream educational conventions typically include textbooks and daily homework. These tools are not often found in Montessori schools, because it is believed that they limit children’s natural curiosity and ability to learn information for themselves. Teaching from a textbook only tells children how to find answers in one manner instead of searching for answers through different means. Homework is another limiting convention that teaches children to learn only certain concepts. Children, and parents, are encouraged to learn through their natural interests and discovery. Still, you can rest assured that the curriculum will match state standards so your child will be prepared for middle school, high school, and beyond.

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