Setting Up Activities for Your Montessori Child

Are you wondering how you can bring the Montessori school approach into your home? If so, then watch this video for tips on setting up activities in new ways that can make them more attractive and engaging for your child.

First, consider making a display out of the activity, instead of leaving it on the shelf on in a toy box. Next, create groupings of supplies that your child will need for a specific activity. Similarly, you should set up the activity so that it’s ready to go and your child can play with it independently. Lastly, consider undoing puzzles so your child will feel motivated to put them back together.

If you’re interested in Montessori school enrollment for your child, then please contact The Montessori School in North Dallas by calling (469) 685-1732, or dial (972) 727-2800 to reach our campus in Allen, Texas.

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