Tips for Encouraging Your Child’s Curiosity

In Montessori education , children are empowered to be curious learners and to follow their own interests as they build knowledge. You can continue this embrace of curiosity at home with a few simple strategies that will support your child’s desire to learn and explore. Keep your child curious and engaged with these tips.

Shake Up Your Routine

Routine is a normal part of life, and for many families, sticking to it is essential to make sure everything gets done and everyone gets to where they need to go. However, turning your routine on its head every now and then will keep your child cued into the endless variety of lifestyles there are to be explored. For instance, instead of having your usual taco Tuesday, sub in a different food from a new culture your child hasn’t been exposed to yet and share some information about that group of people. Your child will be inspired to learn more.

Don’t Hand Out Answers

Instead of telling your child the answer to a question or solving a problem in front of him or her, encourage his or her own ability to find solutions. This idea can extend to everything from figuring out how to open his or her snack using scissors to looking up an unknown word in a story. Every answer your child has to find on his or her own can lead to new questions and the search for new knowledge.

Support Your Child’s Interests

Indulge your child’s interests so that he or she can delve deeper into things that capture his or her attention. For example, if your child is fascinated with planes, help him or her find new ways to explore different kinds of planes, such as taking him or her to the airport to watch landings and takeoffs and finding books that deal with the topic.

Curiosity is the key to learning in the Montessori classroom, and at The Montessori School, every student has access to the tools he or she needs to follow their curiosities to a wealth of knowledge. Find out more about enrolling your child in Montessori school by calling our Dallas campus at (469) 685-1732 or our school in Allen at (972) 908-5055.

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