The Montessori Method and Teaching a Foreign Language in Primary School

Montessori education focuses on teaching each child his or her place in the world, and part of that means learning about other cultures. Foreign language is one component of this cultural education that begins as early as primary school in Montessori schools.

Foreign language is incorporated in Montessori classrooms in many different ways. Teachers can use the Montessori method of the three-period lesson to demonstrate new vocabulary to students and encourage them to recognize and recall it. Activities throughout the classroom can give students the opportunity to engage with different languages across all areas of the curriculum. Thanks to the multiage classroom environment in Montessori schools, younger children can also interact with older peers who have more developed language skills.

We embrace foreign language in our primary school program at The Montessori School to help our students become citizens of the world. Call our Montessori school in Allen at (972) 908-5055 or in North Dallas at (469) 685-1732 to find out more.

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