A Look at How Children Develop from Ages 3-5

The ages of 3 to 5, when most children are in preschool, are a time of many developmental milestones. In Montessori preschool , each day is designed to maximize and enhance age-friendly development to help your child grow to his or her full potential. Here is a closer look at some of the developmental milestones you can expect your child to reach during his or her time in Montessori preschool.

Intellectual Growth

Intellectual development can be striking at this age, as children learn and apply new information at a rapid rate. At this age, kids frequently begin imaginary play, which leads to a whole new world of activities. Language also increases dramatically. Most kids know about 200 words at age 3 and 2,500 words by 5 . Children can also begin to understand the concept of time, recognize colors, and use simple counting. Montessori preschools provide a range of activities geared towards helping kids practice these newly learned skills.

Physical Growth

Kids are growing physically at this age and building a new range of physical skills. However, they can also easily become frustrated because their bodies can’t keep up with the activities they want to do in their mind. Falling is extremely common while kids learn to hop, swing, climb, and do somersaults. Kids also have the dexterity at this age to learn to use scissors and draw some letters and shapes. The free movement style of Montessori classrooms helps kids work on these skills.

Social Growth

Kids learn a great deal about cooperation and friendship at this age, as they develop deeper interactions with peers and work on problem-solving skills. Montessori classrooms can be enormously beneficial for social development, since students work collaboratively and are allowed to experience and deal with conflict among peers successfully and without becoming overly emotional.

The Montessori School is committed to supporting your child’s healthy physical and social development throughout our preschool and primary school programs. Get more information about Montessori schools by visiting one of our campuses. To reach our North Dallas school, call (469) 685-1732, or if you are in Allen, call (972) 908-5055.

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