Introducing Montessori Routines to Your Toddler

If Montessori school is a priority for your family, you can start teaching the principles very early in your child’s life. Even your toddler can learn age-appropriate skills with the Montessori approach that can benefit him or her when the time to attend Montessori school arrives.

Watch this video to learn more about teaching your toddler Montessori routines. By simply teaching your toddler to set up and break down his or her play area, you can inspire the kind of confidence and independence that is emphasized in the Montessori school classroom.

At The Montessori School , our toddler program emphasizes these same skills in our daycare and preschool classrooms. Find out more about our Montessori schools by calling (469) 685-1732 to reach our North Dallas campus, or dial (972) 908-5055 to contact our Allen school location.

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