• Introducing Montessori Routines to Your Toddler

    If Montessori school is a priority for your family, you can start teaching the principles very early in your child’s life. Even your toddler can learn age-appropriate skills with the Montessori approach that can benefit him or her when the time to attend Montessori school arrives.

    Watch this video to learn more about teaching your toddler Montessori routines. By simply teaching your toddler to set up and break down his or her play area, you can inspire the kind of confidence and independence that is emphasized in the Montessori school classroom.

    At The Montessori School , our toddler program emphasizes these same skills in our daycare and preschool classrooms. Find out more about our Montessori schools by calling (469) 685-1732 to reach our North Dallas campus, or dial (972) 908-5055 to contact our Allen school location.

  • Why Aren’t Grades Given by Montessori Teachers?

    One thing about the Montessori approach that often surprises parents is that students are not given grades. The lack of grades in Montessori schools isn’t about creating a lax environment but rather about creating an attitude toward learning that is centered on self-motivation and mastery of a subject.

    Montessori teachers don’t give grades to avoid creating a learning environment that is geared towards teaching to a test. When students are graded, they tend to focus only on the information on which they will be evaluated, rather than the totality of a subject. This allows students to squeak by without fully understanding something. Grades also rob students of the joy of learning, since it forces them to focus on meeting a numerical standard.

    At The Montessori School , we welcome your questions about the Montessori approach as you make important choices for your child’s education. If you are interested in learning more, call (972) 908-5055 to speak to our Montessori school in Allen, or call (469) 685-1732 to talk to someone at our school in Dallas.

  • An Introduction to Montessori Terminology

    If you are considering Montessori school for your child, the first thing you will want to do is educate yourself about the Montessori approach. In doing so, it can helpful to be familiar with some basic Montessori terminology as you do your research. Here are some terms you need to know.

    Absorbent Mind

    The absorbent mind is a major concept in Montessori education, because it recognizes the ability of a young child to absorb things as a way of learning. The belief is that the brain undergoes tremendous change during this period, which makes it extremely capable of learning new information. The child’s brain, up until about age six, absorbs massive amounts of information from the environment around it naturally and without focused effort. Under the Montessori approach, a rich learning environment is provided for children at this age to encourage them to absorb as much information as possible.

    Control of Error

    The materials in Montessori classrooms are designed to provide the learners with instant feedback, so that the ability to make and control mistakes is all within the child’s hands. Students in Montessori classrooms self-correct themselves as they learn, rather than being assessed and corrected by adults. This increases the child’s confidence in his or her own ability to be a self-motivated, independent learner.

    Three-Period Lesson

    Montessori teachers introduce information in three steps. The first step is the introduction to the concept. The second step involves the child demonstrating that he or she can recognize on sight what was shown to him or her. The third step is recall and requires the child to remember the name of what was introduced.

    At The Montessori School, we’re invested in instilling a lifelong love of learning and deep sense of self-confidence in all our learners. Find out more about the Montessori difference for yourself by visiting one of our schools. To arrange a visit to our Montessori school in Allen, call (972) 908-5055, and to visit our North Dallas school , call (469) 685-1732.

  • Understanding the Basics of Montessori Education

    Montessori education is often misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that children play unsupervised or undirected all day, and it doesn’t mean that they aren’t required to meet the same educational benchmarks as traditional schools. The difference in Montessori school and other elementary schools is the approach. This video explains more.

    Montessori classrooms are designed according to the principles of Maria Montessori and are based on the idea that children have an enormous ability to absorb information through self-education. Multi-aged classrooms are designed so that children can direct their own learning, while teachers help to keep them on task.

    The Montessori School is pleased to offer Montessori education to children from infancy through elementary school. To learn about Montessori school enrollment in Dallas, please call (469) 685-1732, or contact our Allen location at (972) 908-5055.