Homework in a Montessori Setting

Homework has long been a staple of schools in the U.S. It is commonly thought that homework reinforces the lessons learned in the classroom and that it teaches students valuable skills such as organization and time management. Unfortunately, homework usually doesn’t help students succeed in these ways, which is why worksheets and similar assignments are rarely assigned to students who attend a Montessori school .

The Montessori View on Homework

In Montessori schools, all students apply themselves to their work. From toddlers to elementary-age children, Montessori students are genuinely self-motivated to experiment with the learning process. One reason for this inner motivation is that the Montessori classroom allows students freedom within reason to direct their own education. It wouldn’t make sense to micromanage the work of a child at home when this isn’t done in the classroom. By not assigning homework in the conventional sense, Montessori schools eliminate the frustration and friction that is so often experienced by families while navigating the homework process. Furthermore, not assigning “busy work” supports students’ positive attitude toward the learning process.

The Benefits of Unstructured Time After School

There are other reasons why Montessori students rarely have homework assignments such as worksheets. The Montessori view is a balanced one: Just like adults, children need unstructured time after school to relax and to express themselves through play. Students learn the value of responsibility by helping their families manage household tasks and they strengthen family relationships by spending time with their loved ones.

The Extension of Montessori Principles Into the Home

Montessori schools might not typically assign homework in the conventional sense, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that children are idle at home. The principles of Montessori need not be confined to the classroom and students can learn wherever they are. Community service projects, family trips to historical sites, and even simple visits to the grocery store are all learning opportunities.

At The Montessori School, our teachers support the individual learning style and interests of each child. We encourage families in the area to learn more about the Montessori approach and how it supports natural curiosity, lifelong enthusiasm for learning, and self-motivation. Call our Montessori school in Allen at (972) 727-2800 or in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 to request a tour.

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