The Essence of Montessori

Montessori schools do so much more than allow students to thrive academically; they also instill in children an enduring understanding of what it means to live peacefully. Montessori classrooms are truly communities in which children and adolescents develop a sense of inner peace, resolve differences peacefully with each other, and extend courtesy and respectfulness to the outside community.

You can learn more about the philosophy of the Montessori approach by watching this video and visiting a Montessori school. This video explains how the Montessori Method cultivates societal peace by fostering self-awareness, cultural awareness, community awareness, and environmental stewardship.

The Montessori School closely follows Maria Montessori’s Method to construct carefully designed environments in which students become responsible, independent thinkers . To discuss enrollment, you may call our Montessori school in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844 or in Allen at (972) 727-2800.

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