Why Should Foreign Language Be Taught at an Early Age?

Teaching foreign language is a common practice in many private elementary schools . It has been shown that children who learn a foreign language from an early age may benefit in a multitude of ways, including more advanced academic growth and improved brain development.

Improved Academic Performances

When children learn multiple languages at an early age, they are learning how the English language and a foreign language are connected. This connection can help them recognize similar traits in other languages as they grow. Children are also learning where specific words come from and the history behind them, which reinforces an interest in history and social studies.

Better Brain Development

From the second children are born, they are constantly learning and processing the world around them. The different areas of their brains are in the prime time of development to learn as many new concepts as possible. As they learn multiple languages, greater brain development is encouraged, and they are more likely to retain the languages they have learned. Once children reach their teenage years and adulthood, it becomes more difficult to learn foreign languages because the brain development has slowed.

More Cultural Awareness

To create children who are fully aware of their world and the many different people around them, they need to be exposed to culture from an early age. Part of learning a foreign language usually means learning about the culture that uses that language. When children are exposed to these different cultures and people, they can develop a better understanding and greater appreciation for the world around them.

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