Developmental Changes in Your Child from 18 to 24 Months

Between 18 and 24 months of age, children change a great deal. They develop a long list of new skills and push for increasing amounts of independence. In Montessori daycare , kids in this age range discover a whole new world of interests and social connections, and they make great strides in both physical and emotional development. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see at home and at your child’s Montessori daycare.

Emotional Changes

During this time, toddlers often begin to experience new emotions, such as sadness and anger, which can feel overwhelming and hard to manage. For this reason, toddlers in this age group may go through some temper tantrums and may seem like they are challenging authority as they try to navigate these new emotions. They will develop coping skills during this time as well and figure out more productive ways to deal with their frustrations. Toddlers may also experience a period of intense separation anxiety with mom and dad before getting more comfortable. Fortunately, toddlers love playing with their friends at this stage, which make morning drop-offs at Montessori daycare easier during this transition period.

Physical Changes

Physical changes abound during this time. Most toddlers are walking and running comfortably now, and they begin to engage in other kinds of movement, such as throwing a ball and dancing. They can also climb out of cribs and high chairs and know how to undress themselves. Toddlers love to experiment with new ways to be independent at this age, including feeding themselves and helping with household chores. These activities might not end the way you want at first, but they are important building blocks.

Language Changes

At this age, toddlers begin to put simple sentences together that are generally easily to understand. They may also begin to respond directly to simple questions. It is also common for toddlers to babble frequently as they work to express themselves.

At The Montessori School, our toddler program helps children flourish during this stage and beyond. Get more information about the Montessori approach by calling our Montessori school in Allen, Texas at (972) 908-5055 or the North Dallas Campus at (469) 685-1732.

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