How Montessori Education Inspires a Love of Learning

When you enroll your child The Montessori School, be prepared for a child ready to learn anything and everything about the world around them. Montessori education promotes a comprehensive learning experience through observation, freedom with limits, and independent thought.

From 6 weeks old to 6 th grade, children enrolled in The Montessori School are encouraged to learn at their own pace and with the help of their older and younger peers. As children learn, the Montessori Method encourages them to continue finding more information about related subjects. For example, when a teacher starts a lesson about geography, the lesson may evolve into the animals that live off the land. Then, the lesson may progress to where else those animals may be found, which may progress to a variety of other subjects to learn about. As children are exposed to this way of learning, they will develop a craving for learning that will extend beyond their academic education and into their adult lives.

Montessori Schools are ideal for all children who are curious about the world around them. Call The Montessori School in Allen, Texas to learn more about Montessori education. We are available for you and your child at (972) 727-2800 or at (972) 985-8844 in Dallas.

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