The Story of Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was the gifted mind behind the Montessori Method, which is the foundation of the preschool and elementary school programs at The Montessori School in Dallas, as well as thousands of other schools worldwide. The Montessori Method was developed with Maria’s background in medicine, specifically psychology, which led her to discover the ways that children learn naturally and build a classroom method based on these practices. This article will take a closer look at the groundbreaking work that Maria Montessori accomplished in her lifetime, all while defying the odds as a female physician in the late 19 th century.

Maria’s academic achievements

Maria was already breaking boundaries at the age of 13, when she enrolled in an all-boys technical institute with help from her excellent academic performance in early childhood. While Maria’s initial goal was to become an engineer, she eventually decided to enter the field of medicine instead, becoming one of the first female students in the University of Rome’s medical program.

A new approach to education

As a physician, Maria focused primarily on psychology, later developing an interest in education and pedagogy. She began to observe the methods of teaching children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and she sought more effective strategies for this special needs group of learners. In time, she discovered that children were successful with self-guided discovery of new subject, which led her to open the first Casa dei Bambini in a poor inner-city district. The school was the first Montessori school, and it created a model that is still used today to enrich children of all backgrounds and learning styles.

Women’s rights advocacy

In addition to further developing her educational philosophies and sharing her method with other educators, Maria dedicated herself to women’s rights advocacy for much of her later years. She often wrote and spoke on the subject of women’s rights, encouraging women to follow in her footsteps as an innovator and educator.

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