Preparing Your Child for Montessori Primary School

Montessori School Dallas

The Primary program for children at a Montessori school is appropriate for those ages three through six. It provides children with a gentle transition to the elementary school. Primary-aged children adapt to the classroom environment, develop a foundation of academic skills, and fine-tune their focus and concentration. Once your child is accustomed to the Primary school, he or she is likely to be eager to return there. At first, however, your child will need some reassurance.

Visit the Montessori School
Arrange a time to visit the Montessori school with your child. Let your child explore the campus and the classroom. His or her teacher may be available to meet with you and your child. It may also be helpful to drive past the Montessori school while running errands with your child. This allows him or her to become familiar with the building and location.

Arrange Social Experiences
At a Montessori Primary school, children learn the importance of respect for all . In turn, this facilitates healthy relationships and socio-emotional development. You can support your child’s development by arranging playdates. At the start of the playdate, remind your child that you’ll be back to pick him or her up at a certain time. Being on time for the pick-up reinforces to your child that you will always come back for him or her.

Discuss the School Regularly
Another way to prepare your youngster for Primary school is to discuss what he or she can expect. Keep your explanations concise and truthful. You can also mention the Montessori school casually in conversations. For example, when it’s time to go shopping for clothes, ask your child what he or she might like to wear on the first day of school.

At The Montessori School, our teachers provide the gentle guidance young children need combined with the freedom to explore their chosen learning materials at their own pace. Our Primary Montessori school in Allen accepts new students year-round. Parents can reach our Primary school in in North Dallas at (469) 685-1732 or in Allen at (972) 908-5055.

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