Highlighting the Benefits of Early Montessori Education

Montessori Education Dallas

Maria Montessori’s Method was designed to work in harmony with children’s natural development. This approach to early childhood education provides children with the love and support they need while allowing them to freely direct their own learning experiences. Parents who are looking for an early childhood education program for their little ones may wish to learn more about the many benefits of a Montessori preschool plan.

Child-Centered Learning
In a typical early childhood education program, the teacher serves as the focal point of the classroom. In a Montessori school, the teacher serves as a guide, helping children when needed, yet letting them work at their own pace. The curriculum and the classroom itself are carefully designed to suit a young child’s needs and developmental milestones. For example, the orderly shelves that hold the learning materials are all within reach of a child’s grasp.

Cooperative Interactions
At a Montessori school, classrooms are multi-aged. This means that the younger children in the program learn from the older students. Older students reinforce their grasp of the learning material by teaching the younger students. Additionally, children learn to work cooperatively with their fellow students to share and take turns at the different learning stations. The very nature of the Montessori classroom encourages children to identify as part of a harmonious community.

Intrinsic Motivation
Most classrooms at early childhood education programs embrace the concept of rewards for a job well done. Maria Montessori’s Method eschews this approach, recognizing that learning is its own reward and that children should be allowed to nurture their own intrinsic motivation. Montessori students do not receive gold stars or other external rewards. Instead, they enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill or solving a problem.

For early childhood education in the StarCreek and Dallas areas, parents can turn to The Montessori School , which offers exceptional education for children from six weeks through sixth grade. To discuss our procedure for Montessori school enrollment in Allen, call (972) 908-5055. Alternatively, parents can reach our North Dallas campus at (469) 685-1732.

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