Answering FAQs about Montessori Schools

Montessori School Allen

When it’s time to look for an early infant program, private elementary school , or other program for your child, consider enrolling him or her in a Montessori school in Allen. Maria Montessori’s method was built around her observations of childhood development and the way in which children learn. Continue reading to learn the answers to a few common questions about Montessori schools.

At Which Age Should My Child Attend a Montessori School?
Many Montessori programs accept children ages three through six. However, you may find a Montessori school in your area that offers a broader array of programs. Some Montessori schools accept children as young as six weeks. Enrolling a child this young in a Montessori program instead of a daycare program ensures that he or she will receive compassionate care within a dynamic learning environment. Your child’s school may provide Montessori education through sixth grade, at which point, he or she can transition to another school. Parents typically find that children adjust well to this transition, thanks to their natural resiliency.

Is a Montessori Classroom Completely Unstructured?
For parents new to Montessori, it may at first appear that a Montessori classroom is lacking in structure. The Montessori classroom embraces the benefits of giving children freedom of choice, but within limits. Children choose their own learning activities because they are naturally motivated to learn when they have this freedom. Yet, they must choose learning activities from the materials presented by the teacher.

Why Doesn’t My Child Receive Grades?
One of the most common concerns about Montessori is why teachers do not grade students’ work. One of the key principles of Montessori is the necessity of intrinsic motivation, rather than motivation guided by external rewards such as grades. While Montessori students do not receive grades, they do typically establish learning goals and develop their own work plans. Each day, the teacher carefully observes the work of each student. Parents, teachers, and students meet periodically, at which time students can present their portfolio of work.

The Montessori School accepts applications for admission throughout the year. We invite future families to schedule a one-on-one tour of our beautiful campuses, during which they can learn more about the many benefits of Montessori education. For further information about Montessori school enrollment in Dallas, call (469) 685-1732. Parents in the Allen area can reach us at (972) 908-5055.

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