• Learn What You Should Know About a Montessori Education

    Montessori Education Dallas

    Parents often choose a Montessori school for their children because Maria Montessori’s Method encourages children to become independent, resilient learners who embrace the spirit of discovery. Montessori schools aren’t merely preparing children to pass the next exam, but rather they are preparing them for a lifetime of personal success. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Montessori approach to education, it’s well worth your time to learn about it and the benefits it can offer your child.

    Montessori Education is Self-Directed
    In a typical public school, children are expected to complete the same assignments, pass the same tests, and learn the same information via rote memorization. In a Montessori school, students take control over their own education, which allows them to learn the value of self-motivation and the intrinsic reward of discovery. Although Montessori students direct the focus of their learning, they must use the materials and activities that have been presented by the teacher.

    Montessori Schools Are Ideal for All Children
    Some parents may be concerned that a Montessori school might not be appropriate for a child with special needs or one who is gifted. In fact, because Montessori education is self-paced, it is appropriate for all students. Students who need extra support never feel as though they must “catch up” with their peers, while those who are academically gifted can continually challenge themselves to reach new heights.

    Students Have Periodic Assessments
    The Montessori Method discourages the use of a grading system because it is an external, rather than intrinsic, reward for learning. Instead, Montessori students embrace learning purely for the sake of learning. The lack of a grading system also facilitates self-sufficiency among students. However, Montessori students do have regular assessments, including self-assessments. Teachers carefully observe each student’s progress and hold family conferences.

    If you wish to learn more about Maria Montessori’s Method, visit the website of The Montessori School . To schedule a tour of our beautiful campuses, call our Allen location at (972) 908-5055 or our North Dallas location at (469) 685-1732. At our Montessori school in Allen and North Dallas, our students receive individualized education within a stimulating and empowering environment.

  • Music Instruction at StarCreek Montessori

    Dallas Montessori School The Montessori School in Allen and North Dallas complements our academic curriculum with a stimulating enrichment curriculum, including music instruction outdoor gardening, and fine arts. At our Montessori school, we believe firmly in the importance of nurturing the whole child and these activities further that purpose. Students at our Montessori school go to our specially designed music room, in which they are free to sing, compose their own songs, and enjoy the music of others.

    As part of your child’s Montessori education, he or she will be encouraged to take pleasure in the creative process itself, rather than merely the result. In our music room, students grow in self-confidence as they perform for the school, and they develop a deep sense of musical literacy as they work with our specially designed Montessori bells and tone bars. Some of the musical skills our students develop include auditory discrimination, tonal relationships, music notation, and composition.

    A Montessori education for your child can help him or her reach his or her full potential. Call (972) 908-5055 to reach The Montessori School in Allen or (469) 685-1732 for our North Dallas location.