Mistakes for Parents to Avoid When Picking an Elementary School

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A child’s Montessori education will affect the course of his or her life. A private elementary school that follows Maria Montessori’s Method surrounds children with a nurturing environment and empowers them to pursue academic excellence. However, when it’s time to choose the right Montessori elementary school for your child, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. Evaluate the options in your area and try to avoid making the following mistakes.

Making a Decision Based on Superficial Factors
It’s all too easy to judge anything by appearances, including a school. While it is indeed preferable to place your child in an environment that is serene, orderly, and positive, it’s also important to find a school that shares your philosophy of education . The private elementary school you select for your child should have teachers who are engaged, yet give children free rein to make their own discoveries. Select a school that offers a challenging and structured curriculum, yet also gives children the freedom to pursue their own academic interests and to self-pace their learning.

Ignoring Enrichment Curriculum
When selecting a private elementary school, many parents focus on the core subjects. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of an enrichment curriculum to guide your child in becoming a well-rounded, well-adjusted individual. Look for a school that emphasizes the importance of creative expression and offers many outlets for doing so.

Not Asking Enough Questions
While touring a private elementary school, you’ll meet administrators and teachers, and you’ll receive plenty of information about the admissions process. Since you’ll be taking in a lot of information in a short amount of time, it’s easy to forget to ask crucial questions. Ahead of your tour, write a list of anticipated questions. Bring along that list and a notebook to write down information throughout the tour. Before leaving the Montessori school, ask the administrator whom you may contact for further questions.

For year-round Montessori school enrollment in Dallas, contact The Montessori School. You may reach our Allen school at (972) 908-5055 or our North Dallas campus at (469) 685-1732. We invite families who are considering admission to schedule a one-on-one tour of our Montessori school, during which they can meet our teachers and ask any questions they may have.

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