Inside a Montessori Classroom

Classrooms in a Montessori school are unlike any other school environment. If you’re planning a tour of a Montessori school in Allen, you can expect to meet with dedicated teachers and to observe children hard at work at many different types of learning activities. The Montessori approach uses an integrated curriculum and guides children in making their own discoveries with hands-on activities.

You can catch a glimpse inside a Montessori classroom by watching this video. You’ll see a diverse population of students, all of whom are engaged in their work. You’ll see children working on hands-on mathematics activities and science experiments, and you may note that within a Montessori classroom, children enjoy freedom of movement.

The Montessori School is dedicated to nurturing self-confident and self-motivated young learners . You can reach our Montessori school in Allen by calling (972) 908-5055 or our location in North Dallas by calling (469) 685-1732.

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