A Look at the Primary Curriculum

The Montessori School of Allen and Dallas accepts students from ages two and a half through six for our primary program. Children in this age group tend to find seemingly ordinary tasks and objects of immense interests, and our curriculum encourages this natural curiosity. During these ages, children begin to discover the coordination of mind and body. With Montessori school enrollment in Dallas, your child will receive education through tangible experiences and move on to abstract concepts when he or she is ready for them.

Our Montessori school offers a stimulating curriculum that covers all essential subject areas, including mathematics, language arts, geography, and history. In addition, our Montessori school supports our students’ cultural awareness by teaching a foreign language, among other activities. Children enjoy nature studies, such as botany and zoology, along with music and creative movement.

If you wish to request more information about the curriculum available at The Montessori School, call (469) 685-1732 to reach our campus in Dallas. Alternatively, call our primary school in Allen at (972) 908-5055.

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