Family Activities to Help Your Child Learn

Portrait of a family gardening.

Children do a lot of their learning at home, which is why it is important to find tools and activities that help you give them the best education. Keep reading for some activity ideas that give your children a learning advantage:

You can go outside and collect seashells or stones and have your children practice counting. At your weekly outing to the Farmer’s Market or the grocery store, ask your kids to name off different fruits and vegetables and their colors. When you watch a sports game, you can ask your child to count the number of runs or goals. If you are planning a long road trip, you can ask the children to find cars in certain colors or to read off the numbers at the gas station.

When you enroll your children at The Montessori Schools and work with them at home, you give them educational opportunities that will benefit their entire lives. Our private elementary schools are designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace. To learn more, call (972) 727-2800 to learn more about our Allen campus or (972) 985-8844 to learn about our North Dallas location.

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