• Fun and Active Summer Games for Kids

    father and son making photo on beach vacation

    Kids love to stay active and explore the outdoors when they’re home for the summer from their Montessori school. You can help direct your child’s energy by suggesting some fun summertime activities, such as a family photography trip. Equip yourselves with cameras and head out for a stroll along a nature trail, the park, or a similar destination. Play a game by looking for letters formed by nature and structures, and take pictures of those letters. For example, an earthworm inching along could form the letter “I” and a bicycle tire could be an “O.” Afterward, turn your family’s pictures into a scrapbook.

    When the temperatures rise, suggest a sprinkler game to your kids. One child is in charge of turning a rotating sprinkler on and off. The other kids dance around the sprinkler area. When the sprinkler is turned on, they must freeze and hold their positions. When the sprinkler is turned off again, the kids can once again dance around.

    In addition to the school year, we offer summer programs and we accept enrollment year round.  Before the summer ends, consider enrolling your child in a Montessori preschool or a Montessori elementary school for this summer or the upcoming school year. Parents can call The Montessori School at Starcreek for more information. Call our Allen location at (972) 727-2800 or our North Dallas location at (972) 985-8844.

  • Lemonade Fruit Popsicles for Summer!

    When the kids are home from their Montessori school for the summer, encourage them to join in on some summertime kitchen projects with you. You and your children can make healthy, delicious lemonade popsicles by adding your choice of berries or chopped fruit to popsicle molds. Then, mix together three-fourths cup of water with half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a quarter cup of agave or honey. Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds, add the sticks, and freeze until hardened.

    You can see a demonstration of this fun recipe by watching this video. This mom also offers some alternative ideas for agave nectar and recommends some summertime fruits that pair nicely with lemonade.

    The Montessori School at Starcreek features a learning kitchen in which our Montessori students embrace cooking adventures and enjoy nutritious foods. Parents are invited to schedule an admissions tour for more information about our Montessori school. Call (972) 985-8844 for our location in North Dallas or (972) 727-2800 for our school in Allen.


  • Helping Kids Stay Healthy This Summer

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    Children enrolled in a Montessori school are motivated to explore and keep themselves busy. However, even Montessori students may need some guidance from parents during the summer months. You can keep your kids healthy and active this summer by discussing the basics of outdoor safety with them, encouraging physical activity, and exploring healthy dietary choices with them.

    Take Some Outdoors Safety Precautions
    Experts recommend that parents look for insect repellent that does not contain DEET, which can be toxic to children. Instead, look for natural insect repellents with oil of lemon eucalyptus or picaridin. Additionally, teach your children to check themselves for tick bites and to identify poison ivy. Another critical step to take to ensure summer safety is to encourage your children to drink plenty of water, especially while playing outdoors. Kids are more vulnerable than adults to heat-related illnesses. Remember to have sunscreen readily available for your family.

    Encourage Physical Fitness as a Family
    Montessori schools encourage the development of the whole child and recognize the importance of movement. Encourage your family to enjoy physical activity together. Your family members can take turns selecting the physical activity for a particular day, such as playing soccer in the backyard, throwing a dance party, or going for a bike ride.

    Teach Dietary Independence
    As Montessori students, your children will learn to become independent and resilient. Encourage good nutrition by discussing the importance of healthy food choices, such as low-fat yogurt and fruit. Facilitate your child’s dietary independence by providing a healthy snack drawer at the proper height for him or her. Keep a selection of fresh fruits and sliced vegetables at child’s height in the refrigerator.

    Keep your child motivated to learn by enrolling them in the summer program at The Montessori School at Starcreek. Your child will flourish with an individualized learning experience designed to nurture self-esteem and support self-discovery. Our Montessori students develop their innate curiosity about the world around them, driven by self-motivation and a love of learning. If you wish to learn more about the Montessori approach to education, call our Allen location at (972) 727-2800 or our Montessori school in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844.

  • Tips for Avoiding Summer Learning Loss

    That's a Funny Book

    The three-month break of summer may be a nice rest for your child, but it can be detrimental to her academic progress each year. The summer can lead to the loss of 2.6 months’ worth of material, so it is important to encourage your child to keep learning and using new skills all summer long. Below you will see the ways that you can prevent summer learning loss for your child this year.

    Enroll your child in a summer program
    The best way to promote summer learning is by having your child attend a camp or school program that combines educational material with fun activities that would not normally be part of the curriculum. Summer programs tend to have unique themes that could introduce your child to new subjects that she never knew about before.

    Create a summer reading list
    If your child is not going to be in a classroom at all this summer, the next best thing is involvement with a summer reading list. Work with your child to make a list of books that are appropriate for her grade level and spark some of her interests. If your child has not yet learned to read, create a list of books to read aloud to your child, as this is helpful for early reading lessons.

    Take educational vacations and family outings
    You might make your summer vacation a little more educational by exploring museums, zoos, and other attractions that welcome young learners. Even if you are not traveling for the break, you can find educational activities close to home at local museums.

    You can explore summer learning programs or get ideas for educational activities at home by connecting with The Montessori School in Allen or North Dallas. Call 972-727-2800 or 972-985-8844 to reach The Montessori School and schedule a tour of our campuses.

  • Is The Nest Right for Your Infant?

    beautiful baby

    When you think of daycare for young babies from six weeks to 12 months in age, you might not consider how much children learn and grow in these programs. However, the first year of life is a critical learning period in which children begin to acquire language and social skills. The Nest is a Montessori infant program that can help your child gain these skills and get a jump start in her academic growth. Here is a closer look at the details of The Nest to help you decide if this is the right program for your baby.

    Personal development
    Montessori infant programs are designed to assist in normal development as children’s personal care needs are met. Babies interact with one another in an environment led by instructors specializing in early childhood education. The development in basic trust is critical for infants, so instructors communicate with infant students in a variety of ways to build a bond of trust and lay the foundation for early learning.

    Communication and language
    By the age of 12 months, it may not seem like your child has learned much by way of language, but it will be clear that your child is communicating through facial expressions and body language. Plus, your child is picking up a wealth of new vocabulary that he or she is just learning to express through spoken words. In the first year, it is beneficial for babies to be in a nurturing environment with instructors who understand the intricacies of language development as well as the important milestones.

    Sensory play for learning
    Kids learn through play, so The Nest will not look at all like a classroom. Songs and games will be used to deliver lessons that are in a freeform setting. Unlike other daycare programs in which students are restricted in when they can play and move freely, The Nest encourages children to learn naturally with the freedom of the Montessori Method.

    If you are interested in a Montessori education for your child, connect with The Montessori School  at Starcreek and North Dallas. You can reach us on our website or by calling 972-727-2800 for Starcreek and 972-985-8844 for Dallas.