How Montessori Education Develops the Whole Child

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A Montessori education is very different from a traditional education found in public schools. Traditional educational methods emphasize rote learning, focusing almost solely on academic achievements as defined by standardized tests. In contrast, a Montessori school places a high value on nurturing the development of the whole child, including emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development.

Emotional Development
Montessori schools are designed to be highly supportive, providing young children with the love and compassion they need to thrive. Children who grow up in this type of supportive environment develop a strong sense of self and self-worth; they develop the attributes of respect, trust, and gratitude. Children with a Montessori education learn to express their emotions in healthy ways. The Montessori Method emphasizes self-directed educational activities. When children take an active role in their own education, they grow in maturity and independence, and they develop greater resiliency.

Social Development
Montessori schools are arranged in multi-age classrooms, such as a classroom for children ages six through nine. This arrangement allows for a greater diversity of social interactions. Younger children benefit by learning from older children, and older children develop their communication skills as they explain learning activities to younger children. Montessori children learn to work collaboratively and by themselves.

Physical Development
Maria Montessori believed—and science has established—that children who are active throughout the day enjoy cognitive benefits. Physical education through movement and play helps children learn independence and develop self-help skills. A Montessori education guides children in moving with grace.

Cognitive Development
The Montessori approach to education aids children in becoming organized thinkers with an interdisciplinary curriculum and well-designed Montessori learning materials. Children learn in a sequence from concrete to abstract. Complex ideas are learned after the child has already grasped the building blocks for those ideas.

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