• How to Encourage Your Child to Become Enthusiastic about Learning

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    A quality education provides endless opportunity, particularly for young minds with so much potential. However, it’s easy to understand why many children may be apathetic about the learning process. Children look up to their parents to learn about the world around them, and there are several ways that you can show your child the joys of learning new things.

    Reading is an invaluable lifelong skill both inside and outside of the classroom, and exposing your child to favorite stories is a great way to develop their vocabulary. Encourage them to make independent choices by including them in extracurricular planning or other family decisions. Children will likely develop different strengths and weaknesses during their development, so it’s important to reward their accomplishments while developing other areas of study.

    The Montessori School at StarCreek is a committed to helping children develop a positive and proactive attitude towards learning. To request more information about providing your child with a Montessori education, contact one of our locations at (972) 727-2800 for Allen or (972) 985-8844 for North Dallas.

  • Why Montessori Schools Encourage Independent Learning

    Independent Learning

    Independent learning is a crucial component of the Montessori curriculum and a major part of what makes it so different from traditional classrooms. Some children take to traditional learning more easily than others, but many go on to develop negative associations with schoolwork and, by extension, learning new things. You can read more about the difference in Montessori education in the following article.

    Build Self-Esteem
    For many parents and instructors, a major drawback of traditional upper elementary classrooms is the practice of teaching for standardized tests. Rather than prioritizing your child’s individual needs and interests, this method merely results in teaching them skills with no context or practical application. Children may be led to associate their personal value with test scores or grades and constantly compare themselves to others. Some Montessori locations may also administer state tests—particularly if they will be required by potential transfer schools—but emphasis is placed on qualitative learning and positive reinforcement.

    Develop a Deeper Understanding
    Independent learning encourages children to explore new interests, solve problems, and immediately apply the experience to future lessons. This process allows young children to develop critical thinking skills, self-regulate their learning, and make connections between concepts.

    Pursue New Interests
    Learning is an ongoing process, and young children are especially open to pursing new interests. Through independent learning techniques, children do not have to differentiate between work and play, since learning is merely a natural expression of curiosity. The Montessori open classroom format also accommodates a wide range of learning styles, allowing children to freely develop areas in need of growth within their comfort level.

    The Montessori School at StarCreek and The Montessori School of Dallas are designed to provide young children with the skills to pursue an active interest in learning. We offer preschool through upper elementary programs throughout the DFW area. Contact our Allen campus at (972) 727-2800 or our North Dallas campus at (972) 985-8844 for more information.