• Fun Summer Activities for Kids

    It’s often challenging to encourage kids to turn off the TV and play outside when school’s out for the summer. It’s up to you to provide your children with fun outdoor games to keep them physically active this season. Preschoolers often enjoy sidewalk chalk, for example. Encourage them to draw a hopscotch design and jump through it.

    Watch this video to get some more activity ideas from Jillian Michaels. Michaels discusses various children’s products, including a bubble machine and a foam crossbow.

    The Montessori approach encourages physical movement in daily life. Call The Montessori School today for information about our preschool programs and our elementary school. You can contact our Starcreek location at 972-727-2800 or our North Dallas campus at 972-985-8844 if you have any questions.

  • Montessori Activities to Do at Home

    Raising your children the Montessori way supports their natural curiosity and encourages their love of learning. Although the Montessori Method promotes letting children work at their own pace, it’s still beneficial to encourage your children’s progress outside of school. Talk to your children’s teachers about at-home activities to promote your children’s development. Some examples are below.

    girl reading book

    Practical Life Activities

    At a Montessori School, your children are encouraged to learn self-sufficiency . Practical life activities are those that promote your children’s independence, adaptation to environments, and orderly thinking skills. An example of a Montessori practical life activity is the demonstration of pouring a drink. Avoid over-explaining your actions; instead, let your children learn by observation. Pick up a jug of water with one hand on the handle and the other underneath it for support (to help prevent spills when your children mimic you). Slowly pour the water into a glass until it’s about halfway full. Repeat this action for each of your young children. After they’ve consumed the water, ask them if they would like a turn pouring some more. Repeat this activity at mealtimes until your children choose to pour the water independently.

    Language Development Activities

    The Montessori home should have well-organized shelves of books appropriate for your children’s age levels. Arrange your children’s books so that they are at the correct height for their easy access. In addition to reading regularly with your children, encourage language development with letter recognition activities. Children often enjoy arranging magnetic letters. Supplement this lesson by pointing out various letters in real-life situations, such as on food products while grocery shopping.

    Sensory Awareness Activities

    The Montessori Method encourages children to explore the natural world around them with activities designed to stimulate the senses. Present your children with various spices to sniff. They can play a matching game with bottles of spices. You can also support auditory stimulation by providing noisemakers like pots and pans for drums or child-sized instruments.

    Learn more about the benefits of a Montessori approach. Call The Montessori School and ask us about our early childhood programs. You can reach our Allen or North Dallas locations at (972) 727-2800 or (972) 985-8844.