• How Your Children Benefit from Art

    An arts education is as vital to your child’s mental and physical development as any other facet of her Montessori school experience. While subjects like math and science have their place among the essential building blocks of childhood education, the arts are also fundamental for learning and growth. The following demonstrates how the arts can benefit a child’s Montessori school career:

    Creativity lesson(preschool activity)

    Motor Skill Development

    The arts are by nature hands-on activities. Painting, drawing, and sculpting each involve evolved hand-eye coordination. As a result, children who participate in these tasks enjoy more opportunities to develop their fine motor skills. If your child is experiencing a lag in this particular area of growth, placing her in a Montessori daycare program can help.

    Cognitive Growth

    Creating art requires an advanced comprehension of imagination and symbolism . A child who draws a picture of her family recognizes that each figure is a representation of her mother, father, and siblings. A student who paints a fire-breathing dragon has the capacity to depict unique images. These skills are indicative of a mind evolved to understand complex topics, which comes uniquely from their ability to formulate art.

    A Sense of Self-Pride

    Art presents the chance to create a picture or object unlike anything ever seen before. This opportunity to make or build pieces strictly from one’s own imagination and skills can provide children with an innate sense of accomplishment. Recognizing that they can bring into the world something wholly unique can instill in children the self-confidence that is so important during the development process.

    The Montessori School places a high priority on the enrichment and joy that the arts can bring to children. That’s why our Montessori preschool plan includes an arts program as a vital component of our overall academic vision. Call our Allen, Dallas, or Plano locations at (972) 727-2800, (972) 985-8844, or (972) 618-8844 to learn more about our arts enrichment program.

  • Tips for Staying Involved in Your Child’s Learning

    An important component of the Montessori school philosophy is that opportunities for learning are everywhere. While classrooms and textbooks constitute a fundamental part of the education experience, academic growth needn’t end when the school day does. Parents can further their children’s cognitive advancement with everyday activities at home.


    The Montessori School at StarCreek Students

    Bring Science into Backyard Play

    No matter the season, you can teach your children about the world around her from your own backyard. Many children love to play outside, which makes this particular learning lesson all the easier to achieve. As your children roam and run around your backyard, ask them how the grass grows or why ants build hills. Point out a bird’s nest or demonstrate how pollen helps flowers spread. The opportunities for at-home science classes are endless.

    Add Math to Dinnertime

    If you have a picky eater, you may find dinnertime more worrisome than educational. However, you can quickly turn each meal into an impromptu math lesson in a matter of moments. Ask your child to count the number of peas on her plate. Encourage her to subtract from that number each time she takes a new bite. By combining dinnertime with math class, you can make both more fun.

    Incorporate Vocabulary into Cooking

    Even the cooking process provides ample chances to teach your children. Most children don’t have the opportunity to learn certain words and phrases outside the kitchen. Show your child the difference between boiling and broiling. Explain how dicing differs from shredding. Teaching your children a larger vocabulary will encourage them to understand the finer distinction between words and their meanings.

    Would you like to learn more tips on how to make your home a secondary classroom? Then call The Montessori School at (972) 727-2800, (972) 985-8844, or (972) 618-8844. Our learning campuses in Allen, Dallas, and Plano can help children explore their personal interests and passions.