The Advantages That Come with Your Child Learning a Foreign Language at a Young Age

Learning a new language at any age is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, when American public schools face budget crunches, foreign language programs are often the first on the chopping block. Montessori education is dedicated to the principle that foreign language study is integral to improving young students’ linguistic, cognitive, and creative abilities. Here are four reasons why children should begin foreign language study early in life:

Young Girl Playing At Montessori/Pre-School

More Natural Accent

If you have taken on the daunting task of learning a new language as an adult, you have probably struggled to wrap your mind—and tongue—around tricky pronunciations. Younger learners still possess the ability to develop a native accent in a new language, so your child will be able to speak smoothly and confidently from the start.

Higher Test Scores

Did you know that children who learn foreign languages actually have cognitive advantages over other students? Students who are learning a foreign language often out-score their peers in the verbal and math sections of standardized tests.

Increased Self-Esteem

As children take their first steps toward a second or even third language, they are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment that increases their self-esteem and their desire to learn even more. Children’s ability to apply the words and insights of one language to another also benefits their vocabulary.

Greater Cultural Appreciation

Young children who learn a new language can feel more connected to their classmates from other cultural backgrounds. A foreign language education gives students even more than the ability to communicate better—children who study a foreign language can better empathize with different perspectives and ways of life.

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