• Montessori Education in the Toddler’s Life

    Childhood education begins early, as infants and toddlers learn very quickly and develop the skills they need. A Montessori education encourages all areas of development in a caring and stimulating environment. Watch this video to learn more about Montessori education for infants and toddlers.

    Montessori education is based on observation. Dr. Maria Montessori proposed the idea of the “absorbent mind,” meaning that children will learn by naturally absorbing information from their environment. Montessori schools provide children with the opportunity to learn from their surroundings by encouraging exploration to gain an understanding of the way the world works.

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  • Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Montessori Child

    Your child’s happiness and success are some of the most important things to you as a parent. Though you might want to spend all of your time with your child, the reality is that he has to go to school once he reaches a certain age. Choosing the right school for your child can give him the education and skills he needs to succeed later in life. You can help your Montessori child live up to his potential by offering love and support. Read on to learn more about how you can help your Montessori child.

    Mother and daughter

    Don’t Overwhelm Your Child

    From school to sports practice to weekend art classes, it can be easy to overload your child’s schedule . Rather than packing his schedule full from morning until night, leave some time for him to play and create on his own. This can alleviate stress for both you and your child.

    Do Activities Together

    It is important to take the time in your own schedule to play and interact with your child. Teach him to play games and participate along with him so he can learn how to win and lose. You can also do things together that help other people, such as volunteering or donating unwanted toys to needy children.

    Give Your Child Responsibilities

    One of the best ways to teach your child about responsibility is to give him a few of his own. Simple tasks such as taking care of a plant or filling a bird feeder can make your child feel responsible and add to his sense of purpose in life.

    Learn to Say “No”

    As a parent, you may want to give your child everything he wants so that he is always happy. However, saying “no” to your child without anger or judgment is important for your child’s development.

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  • Help Your Child Discover A Love For Learning With Montessori School

    At The Montessori Schools of Starcreek, North Dallas, and Plano, we strive to realize Dr. Maria Montessori’s thoughtful approach to early education. Our curriculum not only focuses on developing a positive outlook on learning, but also a healthy sense of personal achievement and self-esteem. Explore the resources below for more insight on how you can further your child’s progress in school and for life.


    Two Generation Family Reading Father Son Niece

    Science experiments can help your child develop key reasoning and problem-solving skills . Learn more about the benefits of scientific thinking with this article from EarlyChildhoodNews.com.

    Check out this guide from HowStuffWorks.com to help your child understand how volcanoes are formed and why they erupt.

    For a fun and easy experiment on how different liquids behave when mixed together, head over to this page from Education.com.

    Visit the American Montessori Society’s official website to discover how a Montessori classroom is carefully arranged to benefit students’ workflow and creativity.

    If you’re interested in stimulating your child’s imagination and improving his or her communication skills, make it a habit to read together every night. Check out this article from TheMommyInsider.com for reading tips .

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  • How Children Benefit from Having a Montessori Education

    Nearly a century has passed since Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori method, first presented the world with her unique approach to education. The philosophy that she developed continues to be implemented in schools across the globe with increasing popularity. This is largely due to the academic and social success that Montessori students are known to possess. Consider the following ways that children benefit from a Montessori education:


    Inside The Montessori School

    Receive Personalized Attention

    Central to the philosophy of a Montessori education is that children learn in different ways. Your child will be treated as a unique individual whose success is measured by personal achievements, not a rigid standard. A Montessori education puts your child on a journey of limitless discovery and development, guided by a teacher who is capable of accommodating to different learning styles and creating individual work plans.

    Learn in a Prepared Environment

    Unlike most public school environments, a Montessori school provides its students with a surrounding that fosters independence, creativity, and development. Dr. Maria Montessori coined this space as a “prepared environment,” or a classroom which combines age-appropriate materials, cleanliness, and an open arrangement for movement. You can rest assured that your child’s everyday learning environment will accommodate his or her needs.

    Develop Self-Motivation

    A key component of a Montessori education is self-directed study. This involves a close interaction between the teacher and student in which a personal learning plan is outlined and pursued. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized how a love of learning extends far beyond the classroom, which is why a non-competitive environment and a self-disciplined approach are at the core of her early education philosophy.

    Hone Essential Social Skills

    The Montessori classroom and curriculum promotes a sense of community and friendliness. Students are encouraged to work together and perceive each other as part of a team, not competitive peers.

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