Fun and Safe Science Experiments to Share with Your Child

Exposing your child to different science experiments is a great way to encourage curiosity and engage his or her passion for learning. You can guide your child through the wonders of science, problem solving, and reasoning during the years of elementary education and beyond. Check out the following fun and safe science projects you can share with your inquisitive young child:

Boy looking into microscope

Make a Volcano

The classic volcano science experiment helps children understand how chemical reactions work in a safe and controlled manner. You’ll need to create a volcano using paper-mache. Next, place a container into the open mouth of the volcano and pour in two tablespoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish soap. Finally, pour an ounce of vinegar in and marvel as your very own volcano activates. To really set the mood, add red and yellow food coloring.

Melt Ice with a Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glasses are useful for many fun science experiments that demonstrate the power of sunlight. For this experiment, all you need is a magnifying glass, two ice cubes in separate bowls, and a sunny day. Place each bowl outside where they each receive equal amounts of sunlight. Have your child focus sunlight through the magnifying glass on just one of the bowls. Next, observe how much faster the ice cube under the magnifying glass melts than the other one.

Mix Oil and Water

Another simple and safe science experiment for kids involves trying to mix oil and water. This experiment can help your child understand why penguins, which naturally release oil over their feathers, are able to stay dry underwater. Simply pour water into a jar until it is half full. Add a drop of food coloring for visual purposes. Next, fill the remainder of the jar with vegetable oil. Your child should note that even after shaking the mixture, the two solutions will continue to separate.

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