The Role Positive Reinforcement Plays in Your Child’s Education

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When children learn new subjects, they are proud to show off the new information they have mastered and have a thirst to learn more. With positive reinforcement in the home and in schools, children will feel motivated to keep learning and facing the challenges of more complex subject matter when it comes up. In contrast with punishment or negative feedback, positive reinforcement is effective for encouraging further success when good work has been done and overcoming hurdles in the educational process .

Why children need positive reinforcement in the Montessori classroom

Montessori schools encourage independence in children as they learn and grow. The teacher serves as a guide through curriculum, but the work is done by the individual student. When a child has difficulty grasping a lesson, he or she is encouraged by the teacher to keep trying or use new strategies to approach the problem. As the student grasps the concepts at hand, the teacher will provide positive accolades to show that this type of work should be continued in future lessons. Negative reinforcement can discourage the child and lead to a reduced desire to stay active in academics. Passive behavior on part of the teacher is also problematic, because children need engaged instruction to build a healthy drive to continue learning on their own.

Using positive reinforcement at home

While teachers are highly influential in a child’s development, it is important for parents to recognize their important role in a child’s education. You can continue the pattern of positive reinforcement used in the classroom at home by acknowledging when your child uses good behavior and avoiding aggressive punishment for unfavorable actions.

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