The Benefits of a Montessori Education over a Public Education

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Like any dedicated parent, you want the best for your child, from the food they eat to the education they receive. Whether you’re considering preschool, daycare, or private elementary school, a Montessori school can make a positive difference in your child’s life. Why should you choose a Montessori school over a public school? Consider the following reasons.

  • Montessori schools believe in a philosophy of respect for each individual child. While many public schools focus on getting students through classes and on to the next grade, Montessori educators focus on the uniqueness and individual progress and development of each child.
  • Children stay with their teachers for an extended period of time. Studies have shown that, for optimal cognitive and social development, a child should have a trusted adult they can rely on when they are away from home. The longer the bond lasts, the more important and beneficial the bond becomes. At Montessori schools, children stay with their teachers for three years. This encourages close, long-term relationships between teachers and their pupils, which benefits the child academically—teachers can see the child’s progress and plan their studies accordingly.
  • Montessori schools focus on emotional and spiritual growth of students, not just their academic performances. Public schools often need to push students to perform well on standardized testing to keep funding, which neglects the needs of many children in a fundamental way. Montessori instructors help a child grow holistically with a more balanced approach—children are taught non-violence and conflict resolution, the importance of individuality and independence, and leadership and problem-solving skills. We use hands-on investigation, research, and experiments to encourage active learning and real progress.

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